Ben Carson’s Campaign Ad Manages to Horrify Even Him


By Angela Wills

Ben Carson’s explanation for his campaign ad, which even he claims to have been horrified by, was that “It was done by people who have no concept of the black community.”

Carson blamed his staff for the poorly constructed rap radio advertisement that was released last year, saying that he has a campaign that is run much better now since shaking up the staff around the New Year.

A crew that was assembled for BET’s #AllVotesMatter Twitter Town Hall meeting were told by Carson, “I did not approve that, and when it came out I said, why did you put that out? What are you thinking?” He went on to say, “I was horrified.”

The rap song, titled “Freedom,” was performed by rapper, Aspiring Mogul, and includes bits and pieces of Carson speaking throughout the piece. Carson says during the advertisement as a hip-hop beat plays in the playground, “I’m very hopeful that I’m not the only one that’s willing to pick up the baton to freedom,” while rapper Aspiring Mogul says, “Vote, Vote!”

Carson told the crowd that he did not approve the release of the rap ad and when asked why he didn’t stop the ad, he responded that he should have, but that it continued to run without his knowledge.

Reporters pointed out to Carson that during the rap, his voice was heard saying, “I’m Ben Carson and I approve this message.” Carson responded, “Well obviously. But you notice no more of those kinds of ads coming out now.”

Carson’s campaign staff seemed to undergo somewhat of a makeover as top aides left towards the end of December and were replaced by a team that Carson says he’s well pleased with. Carson’s former manager, Barry Bennet, is now serving as advisor to candidate Donald Trump. Carson says that the decision made by Bennet to assume that position, “shows you where his heart is.”

Newest polls show Carson in third-place in Iowa and his campaign aides say that his campaign is better-run following the changes in staff.

Carson says that he may not be connecting in the minds of young black voters because he doesn’t do the things that many may view as cool.  “I don’t go around to discos, I don’t do a lot of things that people think are cool,” he laughed.


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