Trump’s New National Spokesperson Is African-American Tea Partier Katrina Pierson


By Nicholas Muiruri

Katrina Pierson is the new spokeswoman for Republican presidential aspirant, Donald Trump. Pierson is best known as an activist for the Tea Party and an ardent supporter of Senator Ted Cruz. Before the appointment, Pierson was on Senator Ted Cruz’s camp. Senator Cruz is also eyeing the Republican Party’s nomination slot. According to Politico, Trump’s move is an attempt at keeping his lead and preventing Cruz from beating him to the presidential nomination.

In his statement, as reported by the Hill, Trump hailed Pierson as an asset. He added that her addition to the team would be instrumental towards increasing his team’s influence in the country. He particularly pointed out her deep understanding of the changes needed in Washington, DC. Besides, Trump stated that the need to approach the upcoming election with competence required input from someone of Katrina Pierson’s caliber.

On its part, the Politico, an online news site, highlighted Pierson’s confidence in working with Donald Trump, terming the new working relationship as “a perfect one.” Katrina also gave a comparison of her vocal nature with that of her new boss. She observed that despite Trump’s failure in scoring political points, he had a strength in stating issues as they were. Trump, in her view, does not shy away from speaking his mind on any matter that interests him. She said she shared a similar quality with Trump; the ability to be herself.

However, some people have been caught unawares by Pierson’s shift of allegiance from Cruz to Trump. Pierson played a vocal role when Cruz was running for a senatorial seat in 2012. During her interview with the Politico, Katrina stated that she preferred to carry out political activism as a party supporter rather than being an insider. She further pointed out that Trump appealed to her as befitting the presidency; the best successor to President Barack Obama. For that reason, she showed her willingness to work for Trump.

In her view, Pierson admitted that Cruz would be the ideal US presidential candidate after the incumbent’s term ends. However, she felt that Trump would make the better president as compared to Cruz. Both right wing and left wing politicians would either find the transition soft or hard. Further, Pierson mentioned the fact that whomever Donald Trump handpicks to join his team finds it difficult to reject the offer.  As a matter of fact, by refusing to work for Trump, anyone doing so would be out of their mind.



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  1. ERIC at 5:46 pm


    • Nina at 8:54 pm

      Calling this woman a trick, hoe, and house nigga is unnecessary. And they need to add an abuse link for comments like this. These comments show you have issues in expressing your ideas in an intelligent manner and I am not being uppity or over sensitive. Ignorant comments reflect an ignorant mind. Dirty words should be used as the power that expresses your ideas.


  2. Kam at 7:15 pm

    There’s always a fool to be had and served up. If he thinks by having this idiot in his camp that is going to endear him to the African-American Community he is sadly mistaken.

  3. Kartahenna at 7:16 pm

    Not buying it. Tell him he’s fired and to take his little “black rep” with him. He wants to show some blackness, bring the killers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Tamir Rice to justice so we can see how BLACK he really is. BEFORE the election.

  4. Kartahenna at 7:17 pm

    …and Aiyanna Joneses killer, AND Kenneth Walker’s murderer. Until they are brought to justice, ALL of them, eff a “Muslim terrorist,” they ARE terrorists…and that includes his little ‘Tea Party’ dog, too.

  5. Toni at 7:30 pm

    If you listen to what Trump has to say, I would guarantee that people all over the world would hate Americans. He is so arrogant & when they say that he speaks his mind well, please we all need to filter what we say. Trump does not and I cannot imagine someone like him meeting with world leaders causing such differences and then using our military to back him up to cause a war, then he would walk away stating it is not my fault.

    He, being Trump is not accountable for anything he does. He files bankruptcy and comes out smelling like a rose. I see other people file and they are not billionaires. Trump is allowing someone else to take up his slack.

    He, Trump has 3 generations of children and he speaks about anyone on the way they look as if he is looking good.

    He is arrogant, belligerent, bullheaded and a big mouth bully. He would absolutely make the worst President America has had to endure in all of our lifetime. He never explains anything, he has no plans or ideals. I just think he is a spoiled rich brat similar to George Bush, Jr.

  6. J C at 9:12 pm

    So what has Obama done for you/us? Black leaders had to beg for him to meet with them. Obama is always working for hispanics.gays, refugees but complains about black people. Hopefully this lady will be a voice to Trump for black people. You never know with us.

      • Verge at 1:58 pm

        It starts with your local elected officials and then your state and finally your Congress that you voted for. There is not one President that have been able to do a bunch of things for the American people (Black, White, Asian or whatever race) without Congress doing their part. Congress will not do their part if they don’t hear from you. That is actively communicating with them or voting your interest.

    • Verge at 1:52 pm

      Just open you closed and Fox fed mind, and you will see what President Obama has done for “YOU”. Seriously, J C and Roz? You’ve been Ray Charles to this world since 2008.

  7. Andrea at 11:06 pm

    With what I know about the Tea Party, I can’t understand why an intelligent, black woman would be affiliated with that organization. They are against women’s right to choose, equal pay and a host of other issues that would make them the last political people I would want to be involved with. They claim to be patriots and Christians, but their policies show otherwise. Good luck to Trump if he thinks using her will gather more black votes for him. Black people are sophisticated enough by now to know every black politician is not for their best interest.

    • Nina at 9:15 pm

      Neither side is Christians. Reps do abortions and all the rest but what they think is private. Dems sign on to evilness wholeheartedly in public and entice others to join them in sin and that sin is good and it is everyone’s right.

      If Jesus came and walk the earth again to teach lessons, he would have noting to do with either side. These are modern day Saducces and Pharisees. One is pretending to be godly by opposing sins in public and the other pretends they are freeing the people by allowing them to choose their sins because sinning is their right.(I know my analogy is a little off but you get the picture.)

  8. mike at 4:22 am

    Every White man needs a Hump.
    This Bed warmer will serve well,
    What A DUMMY. Talks about you,
    Probably wants to Hang you, and you go
    Work for this?…

  9. L. at 10:29 am

    Anyone who listens and believes Trump and the Tea Party are just as crazy. None of them are living in the 21st Century with the mindset of unity, peace and love.

  10. Maja9167 at 10:37 am

    Wow I guess it’s warm in Massa’s bed… So wench, what will you tell your black children after Trump the chump’s done with you?
    “I sold out, trying to keep our heads above the water…”
    You are a disgrace to all women. It was a Democratic president’s wife that ensuered all women, regardless of color could vote. Now you stab all women in the back with your disloyalty to us. Do NOT think when he’s done with you, you can crawl back to our side, traitor.

  11. Dawn at 12:07 pm

    She’s neither a hoe or a nigga. She is a Businesswoman.. Get it U uneducated, low self-esteem nuisances. …. (that’s only if u know what this means )

    • Maja9167 at 1:23 pm

      I am educated. A business woman does NOT sell out, oh wait, Ms. Dawn, you must be another who thinks its perfectly fine to sell your soul for a dollar. You are a dumb bitch. Wake up, this IS about being a pawn…
      All women who sell themselves are whores…

  12. childofthesixties at 1:09 pm

    Dawn is absolutely right, she is a business woman something most of you would know nothing about due to you not being educated! Stop demeaning your own people and try to learn how corporate America operates, who she votes for or believes in is her own personal business, but who she works for is all about the money and being a professional! When will my people educate themselves?? Too bad most of u don’t have the brains to do what she does. Personally I would not work for Trump or Cruz but like I said it is personal and a business matter since she was an activist for the Tea Party apparently she has drank some of the Kool-Aid but again that’s her business, please don’t call her names! Show some class!

    • Maja9167 at 1:28 pm

      I call names. I am a business woman. I will NEVER sell myself to ANY fucktard…
      All you silly wenches, claiming she’s business, need to get Massa out of their head. Business where you sell your soul is not business. It’s whoring… And if you wish to be a whore, you are just as bad as she is…
      BTW, I have a Masters in medicine. I work with homeless youth. And I will NEVER sell out…

      • marwood at 4:09 pm

        Few truer words have been spoken. This applies to all of humanity, not just (black or other) women. Disgusting times, in general; cheaters and whores vie for, and regrettably, gain media attention in attempts to create controversy, divide, and drown out reason, while the respect for these animals grows exponentially among the ignorant and ‘educated’ fucktards alike.

        Love your comments!

  13. Cheerio at 4:58 pm

    So is this supposed to appeal to the masses of Black women suddenly….don’t insult our intelligence…he has to hire an Olivia Pope to fix it….naaah…it won’t be handled….but I’m quite sure she’s a cognitive sharp shooter and probably should be the one running for president…..if she gets up there with a Patti Pie we gone throw our hands up and give the Spike Lee Shout Aaaaaah!!

  14. Larry Watkins at 11:49 pm

    will somebody please ask her what Trump meant by if Black people don’t like they way they being treated. Then should leave. What did he mean by that. After so many Black men were dying at the hands of the police?
    I really don’t care whose thing she is putting in her mouth. But why Trump

  15. Janice Thomas at 3:29 pm

    Lmbo, educated these days does not mean you are able to think for yourself or even that you’re intelligent (ben carson is a prime example). I think this poor woman has watched too much Scandal and thinks she is Olivia Pope. LMBO!

  16. Nina at 9:02 pm

    This is another Trojan Black Horse. I am not fooled by her or any of these Black people running around on either party side. If black people will take a step back and look at the facts, neither one of these parties has ever done anything for us. The dems get away with ACTING sympathetic to our cause and trying to party with us but what have they done for us. Nothing. The Reps are evil and would hang you on every try in their yards if you could. There is no win lose with either party. Both are lose lose.

    Bill went and ate black food, read black books, partied with you and all these years later it shows there were more black people incarcerated under his term than any other. So, take the blinders off and quit siding with either of them.

    One party is openly racist and the other is secretly racist all the while smiling in your face and then doing you wrong after they get in. We have NOT made ANY progress with either side. None.

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