Clinton’s Atlanta Campaign Speaks on Racial Equality While Addressing Young Protesters


By Margarette Lesema

On Friday, Democratic President front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton shouted over black protesters as she made promises that she will address issues on systemic racism and that she will follow the footsteps of President Barack Obama, and go even further.

Her campaign’s theme centers on the country’s lingering racism and she outlined plans for reforms in criminal justice, the same pitch that her rivals— former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders— use to woo black voters.

The audience at Clark Atlanta University included Black Lives Matter Movement protesters who chanted and sang while Clinton attempted to speak. Civil Rights Movement hero, Rep. John Lewis, and even the singer Usher tried to make them stop but they persisted until a crowd of over 2,000 students, comprised mostly of blacks chanted “Let her talk!”

Addressing the protesters, Clinton apologized to them adding that she intends to offer and fight for what they demand and that “We have to come together as a nation”.

Later that day, the Former State Secretary had further issues in North Charleston, South California as she had a warm reception at a NAACP banquet. She proceeded to the historic black congregation, Emanuel African American Episcopal Church, where a ceremony for the families of the “The Emanuel 9” took place. Last June, a white shooter killed a pastor together with 8 others during a Bible study. She remarked on the “grace and resilience” of the victims’ families, emphasizing her support for tighter gun laws while alluding to the shooting. The former senator called for immediate action on the gun violence plaguing the country.

Clinton’s closest contender for the African-American vote is Sanders, and a southern Swing would give her a solid advantage. Over half of the primary electorate that holds March primaries in South Carolina and other Southern states are made of black voters.

The issue of criminal justice is among the pleas of traditional organizations involved in civil rights such as the NAACP and Black Lives Matter. But the latter’s movement leaders are disinterested in endorsing any candidate.

Clinton mentioned eliminating disparities in sentencing crack cocaine crimes which usually concern minorities and powder cocaine that are more likely to involve whites. These changes will be made on an Act of Congress in 2010 and Clinton plans to make this retroactive.

She also made a proposal forbidding local, state and federal officers from racial profiling in both routine and spontaneous investigatory activities unless there’s information linking a suspect to a crime. No specific details were mentioned as to how this goes beyond present laws, but Clinton cited congressional proposals allowing alleged profiling victims to recover damages from the government’s civil court agencies easily.

Clinton, who believes in second chances, also embraces the movement known as “ban the box” prohibiting contractors and the federal government from making criminal history inquiries on initial job applications. Studies show that former felons have greater employment chances if their qualifications are mentioned before their criminal record.

In Atlanta, Clinton flaunted former presidential candidate and civil right leader Rev. Jesse Jackson’s meaningful support after he introduced her during the campaign. She plans to win the young population, the females and the minorities who stood behind Barack Obama’s two term election win.


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  1. Danita Ford at 11:55 pm

    they all take a good game sorry to say president Obama did not do a dam thing what make her think that she is going to be able to help us he was black and nothing has change to me it got worst his second term he was even talk about and he was the president .So i do not buy any of what she is saying she is just looking for votes from us no one they put in office is going to be worried about the american people sad but it is true it is all a cult to worship the devil and this is his kingdom for now .So we need to get ready for god kingdom here on earth because right now we are living in the devils world.I am a voter but none of them will get my vote i was going to vote for joe but he has decide not run and i wonder if it because they have it all set up people .It is a conspiracy they all work for the devil .

  2. Dawit at 9:00 am

    The usual talk absent of any meaningful action, as well as any concrete agenda(s) by activist.a few promises
    Very likely we’ll be pacified with a few promises, and then be lulled back asleep, and only awake when the establishment crudely reminds us that we are not citizens, under the constitution, with no rights that whites have to, nor bound to respect. We who are indigenous and descendants of captives who were enslaved, were never intended to be “citizens” under the U.S. (corporation) Constitution. 2015-2016 is the same old song and dance, and sadly we keep falling for the same antics. Real action is the current committed boycott of the University of Missouri football players, who refuse to play until their demands are justly met. WITHOUT COMPROMISE!

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