Minister Wants Black Americans to Fly Black Liberation Flag on Independence Day


After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriages being legal all across the United States, LGBT supporters began using rainbow colors on their social media pictures to represent the movement. To counter that, many pro-Black social media users began placing red, black, and green on their profile pictures to represent the Black Liberation flag. Now, a minister in Duram, North Carolina wants Black Americans to proudly wave their RBG flag this Fourth of July to counter the American flag under which Blacks have been oppressed for hundreds of years.

Paul Scott, leader of the Messianic Afrikan Nation ministry and an anti-violence activist, says that in light of the recent acts of racially-charged violence and hate, displaying the RBG flag is very necessary this Independence Day.

“This flag has always been about Black unity and right now to stop Black-on-Black crime, to stop racism and police brutality all across this country. We need Black unity right now,” Scott said of the flag that represents the red blood that Africans shed for liberation, the black skin of the people, and the green land and natural wealth in Africa.

The minister added that instead of focusing on the Confederate flag being removed, he wants to grow the popularity of the RBG flag, which was first introduced in the U.S. by Pan-Africanist and Black leader Marcus Garvey in 1920. The flag was created in response to a wildly popular 1900 song, “Every Race Has a Flag But the Coon.” The flag was later used in the Black Liberation movement in the 1960s to represent Black pride.

“While some people are talking about Confederate flags and saying take it down, we’re saying let’s take this flag and raise it up,” said Scott. “Every ethnic group is proud to raise their flag … it’s time for us to have that same Black pride and raise our flag.”

Scott also urges more Black people to use the flag on their social media pages to support the movement, adding, “It’s a wake-up call for us to come together under this flag united.”


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