Research Proves Women Can Become Addicted To A Man’s Semen


April V. Taylor

Based on a survey that found that women who had sex regularly without a condom became increasingly depressed the longer they went without it, State University of New York psychologist Dr. Gordon G. Gallup has theorized that women develop a “chemical dependency” on semen. The fact that women who used condoms regularly did not experience the same depression is part of what led to the conclusion.

Scientists have found that when semen is absorbed into the bloodstream following vaginal intercourse, it helps relieve anxiety and depression and can also help reduce any pain, discomfort, or cramps from PMS. When women get used to the positive effects, they can experience “semen withdrawals” which leaves them more angry, hypersensitive, and irritable.

The hormones testosterone, estrogen, prolactin and prostaglandins in semen are all absorbed through the vaginal walls and help elevate a woman’s mood. Biologically, scientists believe that these added benefits for intercourse is one of the incentives that keeps couples together by making intercourse about more than just procreation.

The Gallup poll used to formulate the theory of semen addiction gathered information from 293 college women, and in addition to the above findings, Gallup also found that women who did not use condoms were more vulnerable to “the rebound effect” where they were most likely to seek out new partners as soon as a relationship was over.

For those who are not convinced that the information is reliable, Gallup controlled for such variables as method of  contraception, how often a woman had intercourse and how a woman perceived her relationship. This study was deemed, “the first serious attempt to investigate the effect of semen chemistry on women,” and the results were replicated using a much larger sample size of 700 women.


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  1. Larry at 12:31 pm

    So now we know why there is such a thing called an “angry Black woman”. She deserves to be very angry if she is not getting her fair share.
    Set the prisoners free NOW! These women need their men with them.

  2. Trife Gang at 2:49 pm


  3. Dashun lives at 8:36 am

    Thats a interesting theory cause they only get addicted if the dick was good but i think most women would still cheart cause that vagina gets greedy, well if the man doesn’t give good sex to his woman. Now im going to make sure i cum my woman, nomore condoms.

  4. Jamesons Aura at 7:47 am

    My man has made comments about this and so I finally look it up. I believe in this article and what it says. As far as it going that my body has in many ways become dependant on him and is seman and our love making. For me its an experience Ive never had. I do have a tentantce to become cranky from time to time when its been a while for us . This article just proves mu man is right and further more that we are meant for each other

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