Black Conservative Suggests Charleston Church Shooting Happened Because White People Can No Longer Express Themselves

Jesse Lee Peterson is known for his extremely conservative views on Black issues. The reverend and frequent Fox News guest can often be heard on his radio show denying the existence of modern-day racism and has even admitted that he does not acknowledge White supremacy. So, it makes perfect sense that Peterson would insinuate that Emanuel AMC shooter and perceived White supremacist Dylann Roof was likely not being racist in his action, but was frustrated that Blacks will no longer allow him to express himself.

Peterson was a guest on Steve Malzberg’s Newsmax TV on Thursday and talked about how racism is over and why Whites speaking up against being called racist will prevent more mass shootings.

He expressed his displeasure with President Barack Obama’s press meeting about the Charleston, South Carolina church.

“(Obama) implied that racism is still an issue in America today for Black people from White folks, when it’s absolutely not true,” Peterson said. “You have the Department of Justice and others calling it a hate crime even before they knew — before the dust settled, they called it a hate crime, which is encouraging or verifying for a lot of angry Black people that racism is a problem.”

He then explained that Roof’s actions were not the result of him hating Black people, but rather, that he could not express his feelings on race.

“The man that killed these people said to them before killing them that Black people have been raping and killing our people or raping our women and killing them, and this is like a payback,” he explained. “I’ve been saying to White Americans for the last 25 years, warning them and warning them that you need to start speaking up instead of holding that anger in, because you could get so angry that you’ll come out fighting in the wrong manner.”

Peterson insisted that White people need to stop allowing themselves to be labeled as racist and confront Black Americans when they are accused.

“White people are feeling fear,” Peterson said. “If they should speak up, they’re called racists, and they are feeling guilt because they feel a sense of responsibility for what’s going on when they really have nothing to do with it.”

Rev. Peterson warns that if Whites don’t release their frustrations soon, there may be more mass shootings such as the one in Charleston.

“I’ve been concerned for a long time that if they don’t open up and express themselves and say, ‘No,’ when they’re called racists, we’re going to see more killing,” he said of distraught Whites. “I want to be wrong, but we are going to see — especially young white men and women — we’re going to see more of them carrying out acts like the one we just saw in South Carolina.”



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  1. Dee Dee at 6:35 pm

    OMG.! Jessie Lee Peterson. All I have to say is “What an a_ _hole”. People. Just don’t listen to this fool.

  2. Rebecca at 7:28 pm

    Rev. Peterson needs to stop pandering to the conservative agenda and stop representing himself as a representative of Black people, which he is not!

  3. Sojorner Truth at 7:40 pm

    So dominantion of all aspects of media has not given them a voice. And under this notion, what should blacks do?

  4. Paballo at 9:54 pm

    You know what(sigh)? Let me not judgefor the right price I would probably also advocates this on behalf of whoever.

  5. christi at 10:10 pm

    Everybody has a right to their opinions.but let me give my opinion can someone tell this dude to shut the fuck up you one of the main reasons white people use violence against us cause they think we so forgiving blk conservatives isn’t worth shit will speak ill about are to the blk race but scared to speak they mind to these white in the white people don’t express themselves they do it everyday on fox news,police departments shooting and beating the hell out of blk people white media constantly paint negative images of blk people everyday now you tell me who expressing themselves everyday 7 days a week we never get our chance to express ourselves cause someone decided not to hurt white people feelings by trying to make them feel good a blk conservative.anyone cosign with this crap just as much a-hole as he I’m sorry I am not sparing no white person their feelings they don’t care about ours blk people are tired of praying.that white boy committed murder plain and simple and if we keep these so called blk people sellouts around and yes I said sellout it implys to him cause nine people are dead for no reason its no excuse for this white devil so people need to stop being nice and forgiving and get on these white people ass and once you do that I promise you they want mess with you if we keep dealing with people like this lost soul up above we will continue to be treated this way let they behinds go to the white people amd see how long that last I am so angry right now excuse my mishaps. but I am tired of hearing about how white people feel I don’t care how they feel you do racists stuff I will call you out on it

  6. christi at 10:30 pm

    Will someone tell this guy from the mass shooter background its obvious he’s a racist.I tell yall what how about we take this slip and slide shoes negro to the backwoods where kkk hold clan meetings and we leave him back there and if he come off like the people murdered at that church how about we all get together hold a debate and ask each other did he get killed cause kkk was racist are did he get killed for trespassing are he got tackled by a wild animal.hell no we all know he was killed cause he’s this jack ass of a preacher whatever he is needs to sit down you are not the voice for blk if he think he’s doing something please leave politics discussing race problems cause you suck at it he probably suck worser then his preaching.he should feel more offending than anything if he’s a preacher.a preacher he may be but he is damn for sure not a teacher.go ahead and keep speaking false crap to people you are the worst sin if I ever saw one.I dont condemn blk preachers but I condemn the words that they preach how you gonna lead a group of people if you blind that goes to say the blind leading the blind you need to be awakened yourself first preacher so you preach on while me and the rest of the blk people move on.

  7. umm Ashaad at 10:36 pm

    He is…..Another, disease an infected limb or organ if you will, that should be cut from the whole if the Black body before the sickness spreads.

    Him and those like him…..

  8. Peculiar People's Poet at 2:04 pm

    Urban Uncle Toms like this gentleman are the textbook example of what our African American psychiatrists diagnose as suffering from the long term impact of slavery– a form of PTSD–Post Slavery Traumatic Stress DISORDER–PSTSD. He’s still struggling trying to find a place to be somebody. Forgive him. We accept that there will be a remnant of us who we will have to drag kicking and screaming into Freedom. Ain’t nothing changed..

  9. Bill at 5:05 pm

    Jesse, you are one ignorant-ass buffoon. I really feel sorry for you…You are one mixed-up brainwashed ignorant little man. Some of the crap you say at times, if you were next to me saying that I would probably slap the shi* out of you.
    You really need to STFU!

  10. Pernell Parham at 4:15 pm

    I get so sick of our people defending people who have a history of abusing us and doing all kinds of things, yet we are just supposed to be docile and meek. They aren’t that way with us. They attack our children and have teachers in schools who care nothing about us and even determine in kindergarten if our boys are worth teaching. What kind of shit is that. When we stand up for ourselves, we’re resisting arrest. It is straight bull! That dude can go to hell for all I care. He doesn’t speak for me or anyone I know.

  11. Kristine Rowland at 7:51 pm

    White people express themselves constantly. So much so that I’m ashamed of the color of my skin quite often. Someone blew this guy’s pilot light out. It’s Black people that have no voice. It’s Black people that are rendered mute. If Black people speak up they are called all kinds of nasty things, if not beaten, jailed or shot. I can’t believe that a Black man said something that ridiculous., that white people have no voice. That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard.

  12. renee at 11:22 pm

    White racist express themselves every day with their crazy lunatic thoughts!! this black DUMMY IS MAKING EXCUSES THEM! HE IS JUST AS CRAZY AS THE WHITE PEOPLE THAT ARE KILLING THEM.

  13. Tony Fulcher at 11:37 am

    I’ve seen Jesse Lee Peterson on FAUX NEWS and immediately realized that he had a serious mental problem. It is a condition not unlike typical spouse abuse victims that defend the very evil boyfriend /husband that just beat them and threatened to shoot or cut their throat. Then, perhaps he is just another Right Wing greedy bastard that will do anything for a buck $$$, which explains why he’s often on FAUX NEWS!

  14. Leon Jackson at 8:03 pm

    It’s sad that this brother has to sell his soul for whatever reason. There is one explanation: If…You can’t Dazzle ‘Em with your Brilliance Then… Baffle ‘Em with your Bullshit. Brother you have been successful in baffling all of them.

  15. deedav at 10:06 am

    The Rev. Peterson is a perfect example of a “sell out” and self hating person who hates himself and needs white acceptance. He is being rewarded for making his comments. He will do anything to be accepted by white America. He has lost his soul. But, is he Black? Does he have an american ancestry? I believe he is an immigrant of color who hates Black people and knows that he will receive approval and acceptance by attacking Black people.

    He said there is no racism. He should look at himself. He is a racist. He hates black people because they are black and loves white people because they are white.

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