Malcolm X tells grand jury who is trying to murder his family


Hear Malcolm X’s own words about his relationship with the Nation of Islam and how he ended up leaving the organization. After you watch the video, please tell us what you think. Can the black community move past this?

In the video, Malcolm even says that he knows that he’s “a dead man already,” and that the kind of information he has about the Nation of Islam might lead to his eventual assassination.

The information here is pretty serious and worth studying, take a listen.

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  1. Mambolo at 11:31 am

    What you say might be true Malcolm, but the people who you are talking to has no liking for you or for us. You have no business talking to the white man in this manner, and you speak about loyalty. Talk to our people, our elders, our news groups talk to anybody except the white man, the man you previously called the devil. You made it so easy for the FBI and the CIA to plan and execute your death.

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