Swerving Man Found Hiding Weed in his Butt and Crack in His Mouth


Police in Gainesville, Florida arrested a man after he was found in possessionmarijuana 3 of both weed and crack. The police reported that they found the weed in his bυtt and the crack in his mouth.

The arrest happened on Thursday at about 12:30 a.m. when officers stopped the man on Northeast 23rd Avenue and Northeast Second Street.

The man, Winfred Alphonso McAllister Jr., 23, was driving a red Mitsubishi Galant when he swerved into the left turn only lane and back into his original lane twice.

Officers claim that they approached him and could smell marijuana around the car. They further claim that they searched McAllister until they found the marijuana in his bυtt.

The police reported that at first he denied that he was in possession of any drugs. McAllister claimed that the smell was left over from the weed he had smoked earlier.

After finding the drugs, McAllister seemed unapologetic and asked the officer, “Man can you just give me a court date for it?”

But the police were not through with him. One police officer noticed something in McAllister’s mouth and asked him to spit it out. He did not heed to this command and instead began to chew it and swallow the object. The officer had to force it out of his mouth and McAllister spit it out. The police reported that the object was a small plastic bag of crack.

McAllister was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, marijuana possession, drug equipment possession and tampering with evidence. He was taken to the Alachua County jail. However, McAllister was able to meet his bond of $40,000 and was released at noon on Thursday.