NYPD Official Says Cops Fell Asleep During Training After Eric Garner’s Deαth

High ranking police officials encouraged training for all New York officers NYPD3after Eric Garner was chοked to deαth on a city sidewalk by Officer Daniel Pantaleo. According to officers who attended the recent training, however, the training was mostly a waste of time.

According to The New York Post, eight out of ten officers who attended the training post-Garner’s deαth gave it negative reviews.

“It’s been a big disappointment on the backs of the city because they’re paying for this course,” a source told The Post.

Mayor de Blasio was quick to point to training as the answer to the NYPD’s problems, but as it turns out, most officers didn’t benefit in any way from the retraining.

“The training that’s going to happen here in this building will change the future of this city,” said the mayor when announcing the training.  “It will have not just an impact on thousands of people, it will have an impact on millions of people, because every interaction that every officer has with their fellow New Yorkers after they are trained again will be different.”

Officers reportedly said that the training was useless and offered them no new tactics.

“Officers thought they were going to get some real hands-on, quality training on how to deal with a hostile prisoner or arrestee,” a source told the Post. “They didn’t get that.”

“It’s three days, it’s boring and there’s no real tactics,” he said. “They’re not putting them in scenarios. Cops felt they would get more tactical training in light of the Eric Garner case.”

The presentation wasn’t even interesting enough for officers to remain awake, said the source.

“Instructors are saying that students are falling asleep,” the source said. “You wouldn’t take a college course at midnight.”


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