Martin Luther King Jr.’s Son Selling Lavish $4.8 Million Dollar Mansion

As Dexter King and Martin Luther King III continue to fight it out in court Dexter King mansionwith Bernice King over who owns the rights to their father’s legacy, Dexter King is putting his multimillion dollar mansion up for sale.

If you recall, Bernice King alleged in 2014 that her brothers were trying to sell their father’s Bible, along with other items, so that they could cash in.

In the letter, Dr. Bernice King wrote, “my brothers, Dexter Scott King and Martin Luther King, III, notified me that they want to sell to a private buyer our father’s most prized possessions, his Nobel Peace Prize Medal and his personal Bible which was used by President Barack Obama as he was sworn in for his second term in office and subsequently signed by him.”

Dr. Bernice King expressed her feeling that her father’s items are too important to be sold to the highest bidder.

“I am absolutely opposed to the selling of these extremely sacred items and I expressed my opposition to my brothers,” she wrote.

Now that the Atlanta Journal Constitution has released images of the $4.8 million dollar mansion Dexter King is selling, it certainly seems that he’s in no need of extra money.

According to the AJC, Dexter King’s Malibu mansion is a sprawling 6,800 square foot home and a grouping of several historic buildings that operate as a museum.

“The main house includes a chef’s kitchen, formal dining area, theatre, elevator, home office and full gym. Outdoor features include a cabana, koi pond, waterfall spa and bbq,” reports the ACJ.

Although the estate of Martin Luther King Jr. has dropped a lawsuit against the King Center, the dispute over other possessions is still ongoing.

In a press release, Dexter King said that Martin Luther King III “has had a change of heart in recent days as it relates to the lawsuit filed in 2013.”

That may serve as a glimmer of hope to some who are hoping to see this resolved outside of the courts.





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  1. Greed rears its ugly head! I am with Dr. Bernice King. Dr. King's possessions should be sold to the highest bidder. It also shows how money can tear a good family apart. You are all in my prayers.

  2. Dexter King – $4.8 million dollar mansion…..They sure live by a different belief system than their Father would approve of. Figures!

  3. Money has tore this family apart!

  4. So, the civil rights movement did create a "wealth creation strategy" Im learning more and more each day.

  5. The love of money has estranged two brothers again their only sister who does not share their value system. The brothers should be ashamed of themselves. I will fight viligantly as Miss Bernice King is doing.

  6. No disrespect, I’m curious. Do these guys have”real” jobs outside of their fathers world? All I’ve ever heard of them was associated with the King center etc. Like I said I was wondering.

  7. I like this web site very much so much great info.

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