Ex Police Marksman Pleads Not Guilty to Kιlling Black Suspect

Over the last year there have been an increasing number of conversations in the U.S. Rodney and Longon ways of ending racial profiling among police. This renewed interest stems from the deαths of unarmed blacks, like Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Another high profile case across the pond in the U.K. involves a black robbery suspect who was allegedly gunned down by a white officer in 2005.

An ex-police marksman in London has pleaded not guilty to the mυrder of robbery suspect Azelle Rodney, the Mirror reports. Anthony Long entered his plea in London’s Southwark Crown Court.

Long is accused of kιlling 24-year-old Mr. Rodney in April 2005 when he was shοt six times. Long was charged with the kιlling in 2014.

Rodney was gunned  down after being stopped by police, who suspected Rodney, and two other men inside the vehicle, were on their way to rob drug dealers. Rodney was shοt four times in the head and once in each arm.

Prosecutors decided to indict Long after reviewing new evidence. An inquiry into Rodney’s deαth determined that there was no justification for the shooting.

Rodney’s two passengers were both convicted of drug offenses.

Rodney’s girlfriend gave birth to his daughter after the would-be father was gunned down by police.

“I am very pleased at the decision to prosecute the officer who killed my son. I have waited a long time to see this day and hope this prosecution will lead to justice for Azelle,” said Rodney’s mother, Susan Alexander, after the charges were first announced.

Long is out on bail until the start of the trial, expected to begin in June.






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