Atlanta Barber Giving Old Men “Benjamin Button” Haircuts to Misbehaving Boys

If you want to act grown, then one Atlanta barber has no problem punishingbenjamin button haircut you with a grown man haircut.

Have a child who refuses to act his age? Then you can bring your child to A-1 Kutz in Atlanta where Russell Wilson and his team of barbers are offering the “Benjamin Button Special” to misbehaving kids.

Best of all, the “Benjamin Button Special” is free of charge for parents who want to shame their children into behaving.

Boys who sport the haircut resemble old men with male pattern baldness since barbers shave the top of their heads while leaving hair on the sides and back.

Frederick, owner of A-1 Kutz, says he got the idea of marketing the haircuts after he used the punishment on his own son, Rushawn. Frederick says his son’s grades were poor, but they quickly improved after the boy got his old man’s haircut.

Since then, Frederick says he’s had several parents inquire about the offer.  The barber told the Washington Post that many parents no longer view spanking as an option and are looking for more creative ways to discipline their kids.

“Parents are at a loss,” Fredrick told The Post. “When you go to discipline kids these days, they can’t necessarily use physical punishment they way parents did in the past, but they have to do something. If you don’t, and your kid ends up doing something crazy, everyone is going to say the problems started at home.”

Frederick says the old man haircut should be a last resort, but he’s happy to help young boys, especially since many have no strong male role models.

“I hope that most people won’t have to do this unless it’s an extreme circumstances and nothing else is working,” he concluded. “First, you talk or implement your restrictions. But when the conventional ways don’t work these days, you have to get creative.”




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