2 Univ. of Tennessee Football Players Charged With Rαpe

Two University of Tennessee football players, one former and one current, Tennessee playerswere charged with aggravated rαpe on Thursday.

Both A.J. Johnson, an ex-linebacker, and current cornerback Michael Williams were indicted on charges of aggravated rαpe.

On Thursday a Knox County Grand Jury charged that both men were “aided and abetted by” the other, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

Williams turned himself in but his attorney, David Eldridge, insists that his client is innocent of all charges.

“Michael Williams is innocent of these charges,” Eldridge told the News Sentinel. “He cooperated fully with the Knoxville Police Department’s investigation and is disappointed in the decision to pursue criminal charges against him. He will vigorously defend (against) these charges in court and is confident that when all the evidence is presented there, he will be exonerated.”

The charges stem from accusations made by a UT student after a party at Johnson’s home. Another woman accused Johnson of assault as well.

“Police searched the apartment the evening after the rαpe was reported, seizing items such as an iPhone, a used cοndom, four cοndom wrappers, folded toilet paper, a marijuana grinder, bed coverings, a pillow case, a white T-shirt and a laptop computer, according to court records,” the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

These accusations come on the heels of a former Vanderbilt player who revealed that alcohol played a role in him participating in a rαpe.

Former Vanderbilt University football player Cory Batey, convicted of rαping an unconscious student, recently told TV personality Dr. Phil “I wish I could take it all back.”

During the trial, Batey apologized to the victim, saying he was “drunk out of my mind.”


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