Why Do Black People Tend To Be “Sunday Christians”?

churchBy Tamala Perkins

On Sunday, some people turn into totally different people from the people they are during the week. These people are known as “Sunday Christians” and unfortunately, it seems Black people are the most guilty of this double life and existence.

The following  are the ways you can spot a “Sunday Christian”:

1. When you ask then how they are doing they answer “blessed and highly favored”. The problem is that their life is usually a mess and full of drama and they are not doing anything to change it or themselves.

2. They claim to be waiting for the “right man” or “the right woman” to settle down with and have a family but have a new baby every couple of years or even if there are no babies, they change intimacy partners as frequently as they change their underwear.

3. They fall asleep in church on Sunday because they hardly got any sleep the night before. Why so little sleep? Well, they were at the club until the early hours of the morning, intoxicated and “backing it up”.

4. They are mean and nasty to the people they claim to love and anyone else who comes in contact with them, all week, except Sunday. When confronted about their meanness, they say “Only God can judge me”.

5. They can tell you what the pastor’s sermon was all about, word for word, especially if the pastor said “good things are coming” but can’t quote a single scripture because they never actually read their bibles.

6. They claim to know what forgiveness is all about but are nursing grudges that are several years or even decades old.

7. They gossip and spread rumors about anyone they do not like from Monday to Saturday and then smile and exchanges pleasantries with them on Sunday at church.

8. They don’t serve anywhere and don’t contribute anything to their communities but get to church early every Sunday to get “good seats”.




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