UConn Teen Allegedly Threαtens to Unleash “Hail of Bullets” on High School

A University of Connecticut student who had reportedly been a victim of assαult before McKenziegraduating from high school in 2012 was arrested after allegedly making a threαt online.

Tyler McKenzie, 18, posted on website Yik Yak that “East Lyme better get ready for a hail of bullets. I’ve been bullied too long. I’m going to let all may anger out.”

McKenzie, currently a freshman at the University of Connecticut, prompted the school district to cancel sporting events.

“It’s very concerning, especially with the recent things happening in Connecticut with all the gun issues,” Kevin Sullivan, an East Lyme High School senior, told local affiliate WFSB. “It was really frightening. I’m glad it’s taken care of.”

McKenzie was later arrested on first degree charges of threαtening and second degree breach of peace.

Police were made aware of the message shortly before midnight on December 23. Authorities arrived at McKenzie’s home on New Year’s Eve with a search warrant.

Police and FBI later searched the teen’s home and confirmed no guns were found. East Lyme police also told NBC Connecticut that McKenzie admitted making the threαt.

Police believe the teen acted alone and don’t anticipate any additional arrests.

“He acted alone. We do not believe there is any other individuals involved in this threat,” said Lt. Michael Thomas of the state police.

His bond was set at $25,000.