Teen Defendant Honored After Saving Life of Police Officer During Arrest

A juvenile defendant who saved the life of a Florida police officer was hero teenhonored on Tuesday.

Many people facing arrest would just walk away if an officer fell ill, but Jamal Rutledge rose to the occasion.

Police say Rutledge is no stranger to them since he has been arrested multiple times, but they are still thankful for the action he took on one fateful day.

Video released by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department shows Officer Franklin Foulks processing Rutledge after the teen was arrested for criminal mischief and burglary probation violations.

Surveillance shows Rutledge sitting in cuffs while Foulks was filling out paperwork in the holding area. Suddenly, Foulks collapsed and Rutledge sprung into action. When the teen saw Foulks grasping for his chest, he began trying to get help for the ailing officer.

Rutledge “immediately began to kick the security fence and yell to alert officers in the area,” a statement from Fort Lauderdale Police read.

Once Rutledge got the attention of other officers, they rushed inside, started CPR, called paramedics and used a defibrillator on Foulks.

“Broward Health Medical Staff noted that Rutledge’s actions and the quick response of these officers were largely responsible for Officer Foulks surviving this medical episode,” the release continued.

In a photograph, Rutledge is pictured along with the officers who helped save Foulks’ life.

Rutledge and the officers will be honored at the next Fort Lauderdale Commission Meeting on January 21st.

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