Reggie Love Says President Obama Walked in on Him in Bed With Woman

Reggie Love began working for Barack Obama when the president was just a senator and is preparing to publish a memoir about his close relationship with the president.

Photo Credit: White House, Pete Souza

Photo Credit: White House, Pete Souza

Love worked as Obama’s closest assistant, a position known as the president’s “body man”, and revealed in his new book what it was like working for Obama.

Among the intimate stories shared by Love in the upcoming memoir is how Obama once used a master key provided by the Secret Service to enter Love’s hotel room. There probably wouldn’t have been an issue were it not for the fact that Love had invited a lady friend to spend the night.

Love says he was up and getting ready but the woman was still in bed when Obama charged in and said, “Hey, Reggie, we need to go over the schedule.”

After Obama noticed the woman lying in bed, Love said the candidate for president just said, “Oh, I apologize” and quickly left the room.

Love’s lady friend asked, “Was that?” to which Love replied, “Senator Barack Obama.”

When Love saw the president later in the day, he told Obama,”You know, sir, if it’s any consolation, I’m having the time of my life.”

Obama answered, “Well, Reggie, it’s actually not a consolation to me that my campaign for president can help subsidize your love life.”’

Love says there were giggles all around, then he told Obama, “Actually, sir, I got way more action in college.”

This is not, however, the first time that Love has revealed his personal experiences with Obama. Before leaving the White House to pursue his business degree, Love told Politico that one thing about Obama that bothered him was the president’s relationship with air conditioning.

“The thing that used to kill me is that the guy loves to ride around with the AC off in the summertime,’ Love said. ‘And I get hot. I start sweating. And I’m like, it’s 80 degrees in this car. I’m going to pass out.’”


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