Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Shooting Teen Over Snowballs

A Pennsylvania man’s overreaction to snowballs could land him behind bars Jerquan Dicksonfor a long time.

Jerquan Dickson, 22, was driving when a group of teens began throwing snowballs at his vehicle. Dickson stopped his car, got out, and began chasing the teens. When he finally caught up with the group, he began firing shots at them.

Police responded to the scene after reports of gunfire, and a witness reported seeing Dickson running back toward his car after the shots were fired.

Once police caught up with Dickson, he admitted confronting the teens and firing a warning shοt into the air and then a few more shοts in the direction of the teens.

Police obtained a search warrant and located Dickson’s gun in the laundry basket of a bedroom. Investigators are now working to match the shell casings at the scene with the gun found in the suspect’s home.

The teen victim of the shoοting was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threαtening gunshοt wounds.

In 2010, a police officer pulled a gun on participants of a planned snowball fight in Washington D.C.

“At the intersection, heading west along U was this big maroon Hummer,” said participant named Matthew Bradley. “A small faction of people decided to target it with snowballs. They’re throwing snowballs at the Hummer. It turns out the driver of the Hummer is a detective. He gets out. He’s waving a walkie talkie. It’s not going well. Then he starts waving a gun. He hadn’t identified himself at this point. There was a point where things cooled off a bit, more police showed up, and he identified himself at that point.”


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  1. sick as hell! Who hasn't had kids pummel their car w/snowballs…..you stop your car, yell, & go about your way OR if not much older than a teen yourself and not in your car alone, you pummel them back w/ice balls. BUT you don't chase a child down and shoot them, man is ill

  2. Wow! I should be dead right now with this logic. A snowball? I hit so many people with snowballs I can't even count them.

  3. I would of laughed and kept it moving, LOL unless I was in an emergency. But pulling out a gun and shooting people is absurd.

  4. The guy is a jerk like not funny but you rest a sure those kids will not throw any thing at any body.

  5. Too many people are walking (and driving) around with weapons and bad tempers these days. The world has changed and become very dangerous. Play it safe and don't throw snowballs (or anything for that matter) at people. Who needs the trouble?

  6. Just dumb…

  7. Mothers and fathers- if there is one, teach your children NOT to damage other people's property. If you don't then you're just as guilty as the person who fired the weapon.

  8. When a vehicle drives by you stop throwing.., when a vehicle drivesby don’t children have sense enough to got out the street? We’ve heard /of people getting shot at over super soaker games because they’ve wet the wrong person… GLAD no one was seriously hurt , But catch a driver off guard can result in crashes &/or injuries…

  9. It goes without saying that the punishment did not fit the crime. But, this goes to show you the mentality of kids today. There is no home training, most of what a large segment learn is anti-social behaviors.. When I was a kid I would not DARE do what they did, my parents taught me differently, and I did not want to disrespect them. Throwing snowballs today, arm robbery tomorrow.

  10. PULLEEEZE. How about teach your children TO NOT SHOOT GUNS AT PEOPLE FOR NO REASON???

  11. Seems like Americans have gone GUN CRAZY–will shoot anyone for any reason! (And it's not limited to racist white guys). I don't get it. NOT reasonable to shoot a gun over snbowballs & those who are blaming the kids need to get a clue!Luckily no one was killed but every day we heqaara of people being shot to death for BS "reasons". The problem is the damn guns in reckless hands!

  12. I never would have stopped my car in the first place. I’d probably have thought that kids throwing snowballs at cars was amusing, unless the snowballs was interfering with my vision of the road.

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