Officer Who Demanded Sεxual Favors From Fugitive Placed on Probation

An ex Tennessee cop accused of coercing a man into performing a sεxBrandon-Berry act on him in exchange for avoiding arrest is currently on probation.

Brandon Berry pleaded guilty in December, according to WMCActionNews5, and on Wednesday, a judge ordered him to serve two years on probation.

Berry was arrested in 2013 and charged with official misconduct.

Brandon Berry is accused of pulling over a man with an outstanding warrant and forcing him to perform a sεx act in exchange for Berry ignoring the fugitive’s warrant.

“I seen him grow up as a baby – so I didn’t think he’d do stuff like that,” Berry’s neighbor,  Fely Harris, said at the time the news originally broke.

A teenaged boy also accused Berry of making advances on him during the summer.

Ryan Milligan said he was walking his sister to Airways Middle School when Berry got into his patrol car and began following him.

He said once Berry caught up with him, he began behaving strangely.

He was acting “all sεxual-like,” said Milligan, adding that the officer was “getting all rough with the steering wheel.”

Milligan also said that Berry began licking his lips in a provocative manner.

“He was just like ‘how do you get big?’ ‘What do you do?’ ‘Do you want to make some money?’,” said the teen.

Berry resigned from the police force shortly after the allegations were made public.

He eventually admitted to the charges.

In sentencing the former officer, the judge said he violated the public trust.