Mentally Ill Man Mistaken for Suspect Punches Police, Gets Arrested for Assault

A New Hampshire man who pυnched a police officer after being mistaken mistaken for suspectfor a suspect was arrested by police and charged with assαult.

Manchester police say in a case of mistaken identity, they approached Jonick Lovensky Maschabaz-Mesidor but the man refused to cooperate.

Police say they were attempting to question the man because he matched the description of a suspect, but instead of identifying himself, the man took a swing at police.

Maschabaz-Mesidor reportedly told police that he was done talking and was going to continue walking. Police told the man that he’d broken the law by walking in the street and that gave them the right to demand his identification.

At that point, police told Maschabaz-Mesidor, who had not committed a crime, that he was under arrest. That’s when Maschabaz-Mesidor began punching officers.

It wasn’t until officers had attempted to restrain Maschabaz-Mesidor and pulled out their Tasers that he began to resist.

“He pυnched Officer (Tony) Battistelli in the face, also punched Sgt. (Stacy) Howe and assaulted another before fleeing,” Officer Clarrissa Pelletier told WMUR. “He was tazed several times, your honor, and it took quite an effort to subdue his violent struggle.”

Police claim the man’s thick clothing rendered the Tasers ineffective.

He was charged with three counts of simple assαult, resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

The man’s defense attorney claims that his client has mental health issues, which would help explain why he didn’t properly respond to police commands.

During the hearing, Maschabaz-Mesidor claimed “I am Jesus! Today is the day!”