KKK Says White Pride Billboard Isn’t Racist

Considering that the Ku Klux Klan is a domestic terrοr organization that has klan billboardengaged in mυrder and harassment of black people, any action taken by the organization  can conceivably be viewed as racist. Still, members of the group are claiming that a new billboard isn’t racist at all.

A billboard advertisement for KKK radio in Harrison, Arkansas appeared this week. “It’s not racist to (love) your people,” the ad reads, then lists a web address, and ends with,  “Love lives here.”

“The message is that white people have a right to be proud of who they are,” says Thomas Robb, director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. “Everybody else has a right to be proud and I don’t deny that.”

Harrison Mayor Jeff Crockett says the message reflects poorly on the city.

“The reflection comes back on Harrison, and if we just keep quiet and let him do the speaking, it looks like we’re all like that,” said Crockett.

This is not the first time someone has erected a racist billboard in the city and Crockett says when the city receives this kind of negative attention, it drives business away.

“I would hope that more people would stand up and say ‘this isn’t us, we’re not all about this,'” Crockett finished.

People in the city also reported to police receiving a racist flier in the mail.

The Harris Daily reached out to the web address, expressing concern that some people might think the fliers came from the newspaper since they were delivered on the same route.

“The last thing I think your carrier should be concerned with is that someone might assume the flyer came from the HDT,” read the email reply. “Anyone with half a brain or anyone that has ever picked up a copy of the HDT knows better and I think you do too.

“I won’t reveal who was responsible for the fliers but I will tell you that I am unaffiliated with any group or organization,” the message explained. “Although I’m sure some will attempt to tie the fliers to a semi local group. It always seems that people (like you just did) want to know who? who? who? It’s always easier to attack a person than it is to address a message and have an honest dialogue.”