Inglewood Students Return to School to Find KKK Graffiti, Swastikas

Some California students returned to school in Inglewood only to find Inglewood vandalismracist and anti-Semitic symbols written on the buildings.

Swastikas and the letters “KKK” were spray painted on the exteriors walls of Morningside High School, CBS Los Angeles reports.

An Inglewood Unified School District official confirmed that this is not the first time that the school has been vandalized, confirming that the school had previously been targeted by vandals during holiday breaks.

In addition to the outside walls being spray painted, the school was also broken into.

“This time with ‘KKK’ and a swastika, I feel it has a racial overtone or message and I don’t understand what that message will be,” said one Morningside employee.

This is the second time in the last few days that racist vandalism has made headlines.

An Alabama woman was enjoying New Year’s Eve when she heard a loud sound and ran out to find that her home had been vandalized.

Terry Turner and her granddaughter crept out of a window and called 911 after hearing the loud news, believing they were victims of a home invasion.

Terry has lived in her home for eight years and has experienced people yelling racial slurs at her while in her own yard.

“I don’t hate whoever did this. I just don’t understand it,” she told local affiliate WHNT.

“Racism is something that’s taught. When you get two babies in a room, a black baby and a white baby in a room, they don’t know nothing about that until they’re taught,” Terry added.