Husband Accused of Kιlling Wife After She Complained About Not Receiving a Christmas Gift

The holidays are supposed to be a time of good cheer, but crime reportsJulio Resto indicate that the holidays are also a time when many people snap.

One Boston man stands accused of stαbbing his wife to deαth with a kitchen knife after she complained about him not buying her a Christmas gift.

Julio Resto, 51, pleaded not guilty mυrdering his 42 year old wife, Gloria.

According to police, Resto first attempted to strαngle his wife before grabbing the knife and stαbbing her. The incident occurred in the couple’s apartment and Gloria was reportedly lying in bed at the time of the attαck.

Resto allegedly told police that his wife was upset over not receiving a Christmas gift from him and began staying with friends on December 26. She sent him a text on December 30 advising of her plans to move out of their home.

The wife returned to their shared home later that night and was kιlled after refusing to speak to her husband.

Resto attempted to kιll himself by trapping carbon monoxide poisoning inside his vehicle but failed.

Resto eventually ran into Waltham police headquarters, screaming, “Shoot me. I have nothing to live for. I just kιlled my wife.”

After officers searched the man’s home, they found his son asleep and unharmed, along with the wife’s body.

Family of the victim say she was a loving mother of two.

“She did a lot for everybody. She was just always there for us. Right now we all need our privacy,” the victim’s aunt said.