Ex-Navy SEAL Who Lied About Being Attαcked by Black Men Chοkes Fake Obama

A web program hosted by two former Navy SEALs devolved into a weird navy seal Obamaspectacle last month.

Mike Lemire and Chris Heben host the YouTube show, but honor is probably the last thing you should expect, since Heben falsely alleged that he’d been attαcked by three black men last year.

The show begins with two men behaving as goofballs, which is normal, then cuts to Lemire wearing a mask of Obama. The fake Obama then oddly salutes, when Heben then puts fake Obama in a chοkehold.

In September of 2013, Ohio police confirmed that Heben lied about being shot by three black men in an altercation at a shopping center.

“We have overwhelming evidence based upon video, cell phone records and interviews that the shooting did not occur in the West Market Plaza and that Mr. Heben made false allegations to us,” said Bath Township Police Chief Mike McNeely at the time.

From Talking Points Memo:

He reportedly said he was almost hit by a car in a parking lot in Akron, Ohio and then shouted at by its three black occupants. Heben reportedly claimed the men shouted obscenities at him until he walked into a grocery store at the mall. The station reported that he told authorities when he realized he’d forgotten his wallet, he walked outside, which is when the car almost ran him over and the men shot him in the stomach.

This is how the show is described on the channel’s YouTube page:

“Christopher Mark Heben, Founder of SEAL Team Consulting and Former U.S. Navy SEAL, discusses current affairs in the world. This week Chris Heben and Mike discuss Obama Care (A.C.A.) and treatment of Terrorist captives. Also, learn life lessons from Christopher Mark Heben and was able to create the SEAL Team Challenge which will provide people with personal growth on many topics. From Warrior Mindset, Leadership, Goal Setting, Overcoming Adversity, Facing Fears, Adapting and Changing, Team Work, Nutrition and Fitness. www.sealteamconsulting.com. Chris delivers a compelling challenge to join him in the SEAL Team Challenge.”


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