Chris Brown Responds to Shoοting: No More ‘Hood’ Parties With “N**gas Being N**gas”

R&B singer Chris Brown has been plagued with issues, most of them involving violence. In a now infamous incident, Brown abυsed his then girlfriend chris brownRihanna, but now Brown seems  at the center of violence caused by others.

As Naturally Moi reported,  five people were shοt while Brown sang “Loyal” at a San Diego concert. The scene became one of total chaos after shοts were fired inside the venue.

After Brown heard the shots, he was taken off stage and rushed away from the scene. Brown seemed to believe the shooting was a laughing matter at first, saying, “Oh, them n**gaz is getting it in over there.”

Now, reports the Inquisitr, Brown has canceled several upcoming concerts at nightclubs to protect his own safety.  The Mirror reports that Brown posted a clip, which was later deleted, with the caption “No more n***a parties! Only this type of s**t!” in response to the shoοting.

TMZ also reported that Brown said he’s tired of playing “hood cities.”

On Instagram,Brown responded to those who questioned him for leaving the venue so fast, saying “What idiot u know gonna stand there and get shot.”

“None of these bitchαss ni**as bout that life,” Brown wrote, according to the Music Times. “The most ignorant ni**as ever! This ain’t no western. What idiot u know gonna stand there and get shot. Rewind clip to LA when I wasssss the dumb one standing up by myself in the club when people were panicking and ducking for cover. Bullets ain’t got no name especially when u got random ni**as being ni**as fighting in the club. Our society is f*cked up in the head and needs leaders. I don’t wanna lead a bunch of ignorant motherf*ckers. No individuality and having the mind state that positivity and respect is WACK! That’s some evil αss sh*t.”




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  1. These young Brothas need to listen to The BlackMan(State of Emergency on Youtube and get some direction. Peace!

  2. Good Evening Yvette,

    FYI, the five people shot while Chris Brown was performing was in San Jose, CA not San Diego.

    Your article has San Diego instead of San Jose.

    Best regards,


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