Alabama Superintendent Forbids Students From Seeing “Selma”

The movie “Selma” has gotten both the interwebs and mainstream media Taylortalking, thanks in part to the film’s producer, media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Although the only controversial aspect of the movie seems to be the depiction of former president Lyndon Johnson, one Alabama superintendent has decided to ban his students from seeing the movie.

DeKalb County school superintendent Hugh Taylor, who heads up the mostly minority district, canceled a planned field trip for students to see the film over what he described as “racial profanity.”

“I’m eliminating the decision to use taxpayer money to support going to see something that has filthy language..” said Taylor, according to AL.com.

“The request was denied based on language. (The website) told me there were about two F-words in that movie, which I presume may mean more. The school that wanted to go (Collinsville High) is a multicultural school and (the website) said there were going to be 26 African-American connotations, which I thought would probably be inappropriate. I deemed this movie in particular inappropriate and that’s my job as the head of the school system to make those decisions,” he continued.

Although Taylor insists that his only concern with the film is its language and the role in which it puts teachers, some people feel the superintendent isn’t being honest about his motives.

“It raises my curiosity as to whether something that they are not wanting exposed or the children not to know about,” said Reverend James Stanton to WAFF. “I don’t believe it is just about the profanity.”

Taylor, however, is sticking with his decision not to allow students to see the movie.

“We’re trying to be good stewards of taxpayers money, and sending them off to something that has immoral, unethical language, that may provoke other things, I don’t feel like that’s appropriate,” he said.

Taylor is a Republican.



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  1. How dare he! Every American should see Selma to be reminded and understand the struggle for fairness blacks and others have fought just to vote. Especially, when the Republican Party has loosed it dogs of racism and hatred to prevent blacks from voting again. It is a factual depiction of the 1960s Civil Right Revolution. The only important thing that was not addressed strongly enough, was the boycotting of white middle-class businesses all over the South, that had a powerful effect on the minds of the white leaders. Boycotting forced Whites to loosen some of their Jim Crow rules against blacks.. Some stores that had to close from boycotts, never opened up again.
    That said, this is what I mean when I say White Supremacy, Taylor's action is a sterling example. White Supremacy is programmed to be automatic, lethal and dangerous to black's progress. It isn't enough for Taylor that the media will use all of it tricks of omission, he went into full White Supremacy mode. His position of Superintendent is one of the main reason that Africans-in America's history is not taught in schools to inform the American citizens of just how detrimental White Supremacy, with all of its privileges for whites, has been to the progress of black people and other minorities.

    It is time for Supt. Hugh Taylor to be ousted from his position! Now!

  2. Hugh Taylor should never play poker…he's a terrible liar. But he can't tell them what to do with their personal money…instead of going as a field trip, why don't people just pay to see it themselves? He can't stop people if they truly want to see it.

  3. That is just it. They don't want to be reminded of who they and who their parents and grandparents were.

  4. How do you correct a mistake on here?

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