Ad Says It Wasn’t Dr. King’s Dream for Blacks to Lose Jobs to Illegal Immigrants

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy has been twisted by various interest Latino Obamagroups and white washed since his assαssination. The new movie “Selma” is the latest in a string of movies intended to clarify King’s life and beliefs. Still, this will probably have little impact on people who seek to use King’s life for their own political purposes.

As we head toward the King holiday, an anti-immigration group is using Dr. King’s legacy to fight illegal immigration.

“Was that Dr. King’s dream?” asks the ad produced by Californians for Population Stabilization, which began airing this week.

The ad asks how Dr. King “would feel about 19 percent of African-Americans unemployed or underemployed? About giving amnesty and work permits to four million illegal aliens with so many Americans jobless? About admitting one million more immigrant workers in 2015 when 13 percent of Hispanic Americans are having trouble finding work? About Americans of all races not seeing a real wage increase in decades?”

The ad highlights that not only is African-American unemployment higher than whites, but it’s also higher than Hispanics.

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. promoted equal treatment for all Americans. But President Obama is putting the interests of immigrant workers ahead of American workers who want jobs,” said Joe Guzzardi, a spokesman for the group, according to the Washington Examiner.

He continued: “The president’s policies are disproportionately harming the most vulnerable American workers who, more often than not, are minority Americans. Maybe the president and those in Congress pushing for more immigrant workers have lost sight of Dr. King’s dream?”

What do you think? Is this an effort to divide the black and brown vote or do illegal immigrants really threaten job prospects for African-Americans?




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  1. The problem with this ad is that it is not supported by the facts. Multiple organizations, left and right leaning, have examined this matter and there is no real evidence that immigrants take jobs away from American. In fact counterituitively, immigrants actually help promote jobs for Americans.

  2. This ad assumes that Blacks would be the ones harvesting food and working in the fields.

  3. The Obama Agenda Scorecard
    Let’s see how President Obama scores on four Agendas: The Jewish Agenda, the Gay Agenda, the Hispanic/Latino Agenda and the Black Agenda. For each item the highest possible score is 10. For each item, the lowest possible score is -10. The score is based on what President Obama can do or has tried or is trying to do (effort counts) and what he has done. He’s not all powerful.

    The Jewish Agenda Score
    1. Military Support of Israel 10
    2. Economic Support of Israel 10
    3. Political Support of Israel 10
    Total score 30 of a possible 30
    That’s outstanding.

    The Gay Agenda
    1. Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell 10
    2. Repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act 10
    3. Support of Gay Marriage 10
    4. Support of laws to make society more
    gay friendly (such as laws regarding
    discrimination on the basis of sexual
    orientation) 10
    Total score 40 of a possible 40.
    That’s outstanding.

    The Hispanic/Latino Agenda
    1. Amnesty for about 10 million or more
    illegal immigrants 10
    2. Relaxed laws/regulations regarding
    young illegal immigrants 10
    Total score 20 of a possible 20.
    That’s outstanding.

    The Black Agenda
    1. Penal-Industrial (Criminal-Justice) System
    Reform 3
    2. Immigration reform that is not harmful
    to Blacks -10
    3. A Presidential/Blue Ribbon Truth Commission
    on the effects of Slavery and Jim Crow 0
    Total score -7 of a possible 30.
    That’s terrible. That’s worse than failing.

    For Penal-Industrial (Criminal-Justice) System Reform, Obama has done a bit but he has not used the Presidential Bully Pulpit or the Presidential Power of Pardon. He has done some but not much. The score of 3 is appropriate.

    For immigration reform, his policies and practices for amnesty hurt blacks. Please see for example http://www.theroot.com/views/how-illegal-immigration-hurts-black-america?utm_medium=feed&obref=obinsite . It is estimated that illegal immigrants take from 650,000 to as many as 2,000,000 jobs from African Americans. So the score of -10 is appropriate.

    For a Presidential/Blue Ribbon Truth Commission on the effects of Slavery and Jim Crow, Obama, like all Presidents can form Presidential or “Blue Ribbon” commissions by Executive Orders and no permission of Congress is needed. Many Presidents, including Obama have formed such commissions. Please see for example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidential_Commission_(United_States) Obama could also work with Congress to form such a commission. He has done neither. The score of 0 is appropriate.

  4. "lt was the black man's vote that put the present administration in Washington, D.C. Your vote, your dumb vote, your ignorant vote, your wasted vote put in an administration in Washington, D.C., that has seen fit to pass every kind of legislation imaginable, saving you until last, then filibustering on top of that. And your and my leaders have the audacity to run around clapping their hands and talk about how much progress we're making. And what a good president we have." – Malcolm X. Any of this sound familiar?

  5. Illegal immigrants cost blacks between 650,000 and 2,000,000 jobs—and that’s a lot of jobs. And if you doubt that the job loss to blacks is 650,000 to 2,000,000 due to illegal immigrants, then our questions to you are these: What do you think that number is? 0? 50,000? 500,000? What? Considering that illegal immigrants don’t arrive here carrying jobs with them when they arrive by train, plane, automobile or foot, that they compete disproportionately and unfairly with blacks for jobs (Disproportionately for unskilled or low skilled jobs inasmuch as the black male high school graduation rate is 52% and unfairly because illegal immigrants are “illegal” and not legally allowed to work and because employers know that they are more likely to forgo wage, safety and even sexual harassment laws and rules because “$5 an hour in the US is better than $5 a day where they come from”. See for example, http://www.theroot.com/views/how-illegal-immigration-hurts-black-america?utm_medium=feed&obref=obinsite where many illegal immigrants had dirty, bloody, grimy, messy, dangerous slaughterhouse jobs that went to blacks after an immigration raid prompted the firm to rid itself of illegal immigrants. To be clear: blacks wanted these dirty, bloody, grimy, messy, dangerous slaughterhouse jobs. We know that because they took them when they were available.), what do you calculate that number is? 0? 50,000? 500,000? What? And why? And what is the acceptable job loss to blacks due to illegal immigrants? 0? 50,000? 500,000? What? The answer should be at or near 0 because illegal immigrants are illegal (meaning criminals) and immigrants (meaning not citizens). Blacks are citizens and not criminals. Why should criminal non-citizens (illegal immigrants) be given preference over non-criminal citizens (African Americans)? Why should we be so solicitous to the interests of others and opposed to our interests?

  6. GLORY , You said it all.

  7. "From the point of view of the laws of the indigenous nations of North
    America, the Europeans are the original illegal immigrants in the area
    of North America. The United States… has, for more than 200 years,
    methodically and militarily violated indigenous law, and even solemn
    treaties, in order to take over and occupy the vast majority of the
    lands of Indigenous nations and peoples…. it is hypocritical in the
    extreme for the people of the United States to now pretend that it is
    paragon of virtue, and a country that has always conducted itself on
    the basis of the rule of law."
    __ Indian Law Scholar, Steven Newcomb

  8. for those how think whites are on the AFRICANS side this time,think again !


  9. And that is the point. Immigrants are taking jobs Blacks don't want. Immigrants are willing to care for each others children in small living spaces and work fifty hours a day to make it in America. Immigrants are hungry for America's benefits and they do whatever is necessary to make it in America. Black folk are not hungry enough to work in fields.

  10. Dr. King was for all people!

  11. The argument that illegal immigrants only take jobs that Blacks do not want is B.S.! Who worked those jobs before they got here? If employers have to hire Americans, they have to pay more. Employers want and have always wanted cheap labor, hey, they fought and died in the Civil War over this! What is the solution to this mess? 1. Prosecute, fine & jail, if necessary, the business owners. If they can't get hired, they will quit comming. 2. Blacks & other like minded people quit spending your money with businesses that hire illegals, and don"t tell me you don't know illegals when you see them. 3. Don't spend your money with businesses that do not hire Black folks, especially when they come and set-up shop in your community! 4. Wake-up, get smart and STAY SMART about what is really going on in America! 5. VOTE! Get yourself and all your friends to the polls on election day, this is your real power in America. Everybody is equal that votes, "one person…..one vote". "If you do not vote, you do not count".

  12. The jobs that hispanic take are jobs most blacks consider belittling and hot and sweating. We can't get most black to take jobs in a/c how is the world do you expect them to take the low paying menial jobs, be for real.

  13. If Illegal immigrants are in the fields and other jobs that Blacks won’t do, then why are they working construction jobs, landscaping and in every fast food place around?

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