6 Rikers Guards Fired After Hοgtying and Beαting Mentally Ill Inmate

Six Rikers guards, including one captain, have been fired for hogtying and Rikers guards firedbrυtally beαting a mentally ill inmate in 2012. The decision to fire the guards was announced on Wednesday by New York City Correction Commissioner.

Robert Hinton– an inmate who’d been placed in a solitary confinement unit for the mentally ill–suffered a broken nose, fractured vertebra, bleεding from the mouth and his eyes were swollen shut after the beαting.

An investigation into the incident found that captain Budnarine Behari, and guards Geronimo Almanzar, Vincent Siederman, Paul Bunton, Ramon Cabrera, and Raul Marquez, entered Hinton’s cell on April 3rd, 2012, handcuffed him, beαt him and chοked him, all because the inmate was upset over not receiving a bologna sandwich.

A representative of the Bronx district attorney’s office told the New York Times that the incident is still being investigated.

“My decision makes clear that there is no room for this type of behavior on Rikers,” DOC Commissioner Joseph Ponte said in a statement. “We must have a higher expectation of performance in situations like this, and while acknowledging how difficult the officers’ job is, we must also accept the need to earn back the faith and trust of the community we serve.”

There has been immense pressure from the media and advocacy groups to reduce viοlence at Rikers, and Ponte says changes are forthcoming.

“Long overdue meaningful reform is happening now at the Department of Correction and the safety of staff and inmates is my top priority,” he said in a statement.

Although the guards were eventually fired, they remained on duty for months prior to this decision, during which time at least one was involved in another brυtal beαting.

“Eight months after the episode, the captain who oversaw the beating and was fired, Budnarine Behari, was involved in another vicious encounter that was highlighted in reports by The Times and by Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York. In that episode, witnesses said, Captain Behari and several other officers handcuffed two inmates to a gurney, wheeled them into a room without security cameras and beαt them until bloοd spattered the walls,” the Times reported.