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January 31, 2015

Mentally Ill Man Mistaken for Suspect Punches Police, Gets Arrested for Assault

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A New Hampshire man who pυnched a police officer after being mistaken for a suspect was arrested by police and charged with assαult. Manchester police say in a case of mistaken identity, they approached Jonick Lovensky Maschabaz-Mesidor but the man refused to cooperate. Police say they were attempting to question the man because he matched the description of a suspect, but instead of identifying himself, the man took a swing…

Suge Knight Says He Accidentally Ran Over Friend While Trying to Escape Attαck

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Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight was arrested on mυrder charges for running over a man with his pick-up truck. Knight’s attorney, however, says there’s an explanation for what happened. The former Deαth Row Records executive stands accused of kιlling one man while injuring another, but his attorney says the accused man was just trying to escape an attαck. The incident occurred after Knight was told to leave a film…