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January 15, 2015

Ad Says It Wasn’t Dr. King’s Dream for Blacks to Lose Jobs to Illegal Immigrants

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy has been twisted by various interest groups and white washed since his assαssination. The new movie “Selma” is the latest in a string of movies intended to clarify King’s life and beliefs. Still, this will probably have little impact on people who seek to use King’s life for their own political purposes. As we head toward the King holiday, an anti-immigration group is using…

Why is Amazon Selling White Power Propaganda?

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Right now in France, the government is cracking down on what’s considered anti-Semitic speech. In America, however, white supremacists are allowed to fund their hate by selling white power products and memorabilia. Vice’s Dave Schilling wonders why Amazon bans some grυesome products, but seems fine with allowing customers to purchase items that promote racial hatred: Amazon seems to be doing a great job preventing me from purchasing a sεvered head…