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January 14, 2015

Chris Brown Responds to Shoοting: No More ‘Hood’ Parties With “N**gas Being N**gas”

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R&B singer Chris Brown has been plagued with issues, most of them involving violence. In a now infamous incident, Brown abυsed his then girlfriend Rihanna, but now Brown seems  at the center of violence caused by others. As Naturally Moi reported,  five people were shοt while Brown sang “Loyal” at a San Diego concert. The scene became one of total chaos after shοts were fired inside the venue. After Brown…

Teen Defendant Honored After Saving Life of Police Officer During Arrest

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A juvenile defendant who saved the life of a Florida police officer was honored on Tuesday. Many people facing arrest would just walk away if an officer fell ill, but Jamal Rutledge rose to the occasion. Police say Rutledge is no stranger to them since he has been arrested multiple times, but they are still thankful for the action he took on one fateful day. Video released by the Fort…