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January 11, 2015

He is Dr. Terrence Howard: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Actor

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By Tamala Perkins Leading up to and since the premier of Fox’s new show Empire, actor Terrence Howard’s name has been on the tip of many tongues. Some love him and some don’t but there are some things you many not know about the actor. The media has covered his messy divorces and allegations against him about domestic violence. Most recently, it was reported that the actor was expecting his…

Why Do Black People Tend To Be “Sunday Christians”?

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By Tamala Perkins On Sunday, some people turn into totally different people from the people they are during the week. These people are known as “Sunday Christians” and unfortunately, it seems Black people are the most guilty of this double life and existence. The following  are the ways you can spot a “Sunday Christian”: 1. When you ask then how they are doing they answer “blessed and highly favored”. The…