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January 3, 2015

Family of Black Man Shοt in the Back by Police Files Lawsuit

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The family of a Utah man gunned down by police while running away filed a lawsuit Friday against the officers involved in the shooting as well as the city. The incident occurred in September after someone called 911 to report that a man was walking around carrying a samurai sword. Darrien Hunt, 22, was holding a samurai sword and engaged in cosplay when he was confronted by Saratoga Springs officers….

UConn Teen Allegedly Threαtens to Unleash “Hail of Bullets” on High School

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A University of Connecticut student who had reportedly been a victim of assαult before graduating from high school in 2012 was arrested after allegedly making a threαt online. Tyler McKenzie, 18, posted on website Yik Yak that “East Lyme better get ready for a hail of bullets. I’ve been bullied too long. I’m going to let all may anger out.” McKenzie, currently a freshman at the University of Connecticut, prompted…

Actor Terrence Howard and His Third Wife Are Expecting

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By Tamala Perkins On New Year’s Day, actor Terrence Howard shared the happy news that he is expecting something new in the new year; a baby. The Oscar-nominated actor announced that his new wife model Miranda Howard is expecting their first child. Even though it is their first baby together, for Terrence, it is baby number four. Howard has already fathered three children with his first wife. He is also…