Loyal: Nick Cannon Says He Would Never “Trash” Mariah Carey

mariah-carey-and-nick-cannonBy Tamala Perkins

The rumor mill has been buzzing about Nick Cannon’s upcoming album and many were speculating that some songs would contain “controversial” lyrics about his wife Mariah Carey and their pending divorce.

As soon as Cannon got ahold of the rumors, he shut them down. The America’s Got Talent host went on Twitter and set things straight, saying:

 “I will never say anything negative about @MariahCarey. We are forever a family rooted in love.”

Cannon and Carey have been married since April 2008. The couple started off well with a vow renewal every year after their wedding for the first few years. They have two children together who are twins.

In August, the couple confirmed that they were separated and the media has made a lot of speculations about the end of their marriage since then.

Cannon has however been very supportive of his wife in his public appearances and and on social media, making sure that he always came to her defense when anyone tried to attack her with regards to their separation.

Cannon has also asked for people to back off, posting on Twitter,

“I am always an open book but Personal matters are just that ‘Personal.’ So please respect my family and respect the process”

In past posts on Twitter, Cannon has also directly addressed those who have bad-mouthed either him or his wife or have spread false information, once again taking to Twitter, saying,

 “In other words, all you vultures and bottom feeders searching for a story can go #ChokeYourself #Ncredible.”

Since the separation, Cannon has not really stated that the marriage was over but instead said it was going through a rough patch. Maybe the couple will find a way to overcome their differences and get back together.


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  1. It would be a blessing to the world that you guys patched up things. Be an example to the next generations. Let them see there is hope. Anybody can get a divorce but a real man and wife work it out. Love you guys God Almighty blessings forever.

  2. I have been married 22 yrs and my husband had problems around year 10. We went to counseling and dealt with our issues. I know we live in a society where people would rather give up then fight to stay together, but marriage is work, for richer or poorer in sickness and health. I hope they work it out and stay together.

  3. Well at least Nick is keeping it classy and I have the utmost respect for him! You can’ always fix a marriage and should not stay in one if no will be happy but if they work it out then God bless them.

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