Jamie Foxx: No Matter How “white” You Feel, You’re Still Nervous When Cops Pull You Over

jamie-foxxBy Tamala Turner

Academy Award winning actor and Grammy Award winning singer Jamie Foxx is a triple threat when you factor in that he is also an outrageously funny comedian. Even though he can be funny, the Annie actor got a little serious in a conversation with Rolling Out Magazine.

Foxx talked about the struggles of being Black in Hollywood and his recent run in with the police that left a bad taste in his mouth.

The talented performer credits his mentor from early in his career, Keenan Ivory Wayans, who he says taught him a lot, including emphasizing to him that being a Black entertainer meant that you had to be the best at what ever you did. He adds, “Being on ‘In Living Color’ gave me the DNA and the work ethic to get things done. When you talk about the struggles of Black Hollywood, there was always a struggle. They would always pick one. ”

Foxx also shared that in spite of having many hit songs, he still had a lot of struggles in the music industry as well. He shared a story about how hard it was for him to pitch a song to music executives because they said he was an “urban” artist.

Not one to shy away from a tough conversation, Foxx shared his thoughts about police brutality and added that no matter how “white” you feel, you can still be target by police discrimination. The star even shared that he still gets nervous when the police pull him over.

Foxx related a story about how he was recently driving in his predominantly white neighborhood with his friend,

“I’m driving in my neighborhood, which is predominantly White. And I’m feeling white—I got my top down and my Rolls Royce like ‘Wow, this is a great, white day!’ With my boy … we’re riding down 101 in L.A., chilling [on a] Sunday. All of a sudden, the cops get behind me. And I’m like ‘OK, the cops are behind me, but it’s a great day and I’m really mainstream.’ But he turns his lights on and I’m thinking ‘It couldn’t be me.’ And I actually move over and say ‘Yeah, go get ‘em! Go get those guys’ and he was like ‘It’s you—pull it over!’ and when he yelled at me, he yelled like I was crazy. He talked to me like I wasn’t human.”

According to Foxx,  the racism problem in the U.S. as a whole can get better but the problem has to be faced head on. He also added that his observation has been that victims of police brutality, like Eric Garner, tend to be blamed for their own demise.

“We have to have an uncomfortable conversation about race. I know I can say ‘when I see a police officer I get nervous.’ And I’m Jamie Foxx. As soon as they stop me, I tell ‘em, ‘You know I’m panicking. I’m nervous. Tell me what to do.’ But can a police officer say ‘I’m afraid of every Black person I see?’ Or ‘I don’t like that Black person?’ Can we really have that conversation?”


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  1. Brothers and sisters please join our black empowerment network http://www.bragse.com , a social platform build to unify our people and educate us of our rich history from ancient Egypt to Hebrew. Also will teach us how to connect with the universe to escape the system

  2. …Black or white, everyone gets nervous when being pulled over…

    • come on man ,you know the deal

    • Hey Matthew S. You know damn well what Jamie is talking about. You white folks are always trying to correct black people about the bad nasty experience that they had with white people. A black person’s nasty experience with the racist white cops is “NOT” the same as if it was a white person…period! So mind your damn business and go back to your lily white world of pure racist denial.You folks disgust and amaze me at the same time.
      Try to process this in your thick scull: Black people are quite able to think for themselves. We don’t need to be “Slave Massa Driven” to be able to process information on our own.

  3. Nervous… of getting a ticket? Or of not making it out of the situation alive? I guarantee its not the same feeling.

  4. It’s one thing to get get nervous but it’s another to not no if you are going to make it out alive, at some point its going to be a them or me mentality developed

  5. Well said Mr. Foxx, well said. Can we have that true, real live talk about racial profiling or are law enforcement happy we’re scare of them? I believe they’re happy as hell we’re scared to death by them; that has to stop. I pay taxes like everyone else, so why aren’t African Americans treated as well as their white counterparts?

    The truth is, it’s a Skin-Game, no more, no less. The Skin-Game has been in effect since the dawn of human nature and it’s not going anywhere.
    Put white law enforcement in their own neighborhood and hire more African American’s to police their own.
    Don’t tell me that there’s no crime in white neighborhood’s because they’re committing criminal acts daily. White officer’s have a harder time emotionally, arresting their own. ! 😉

  6. Everybody gets nervous when pulled over and I don’t think Jamie Foxx was in fear for his life from a cop. Every situation is different, and these blanket statement comments do nothing but further the divide.
    I’m a white woman, living in Memphis Tn, which is predominantly black, and also has a predominantly black police force. Want to talk about having to be afraid every day… try being a double minority it the most violent city in the US. But when I see an officer coming toward me, be he black or white, I feel an sense of relief. All of no group is bad, or good, for that matter. People are people. There are good ones and bad ones. Get over it and let’s all of us law abiding citizens stand together and stop with the my race first attitude.

  7. Peace beloved family. In this land let’s build African centered consciousness, institutions and liberation movements.
    My comment is this, All the Hollywood millionaire types, the millionaire sports world type and the millionaire business entrepreneur type, in my opinion, should be donating cash money to many of the” ligitamate ” revolutionary nationalist community based organizations” in the African (Black) community. These organization can ;be found, right now, all over the USA. If you don’t know their names, ask around. These are the organization which will do and say the things the types named earlier won’t say or do. And maybe, shouldn’t say or do, openly. White- european – hollywood type, sports millionaire type, entertainment world millionaire type and business entrepreneur millionaire types supported the militant radical left white groups, back in the day. They supported the “Black Panther Party as well with their money. What’s wrong with us, that our people can’t do the same? I think Franz Fannon, in his book “The Wretched of the Earth”, was correct when he stated that “oppression breeds ‘mental disorders’ “. So many of our brothers and sisters have no problem with donating big money to the “Red Cross, Jerry’s Kids, the YMCA and the Boy’s Club”. How about “us”, how about it? (p.s.: white people don’t have to know; we won’t tell.)
    Oh yeah, as a sidebar, when I speak of legitimate community base groups, I am not talking “the New Black Panther Party or Rev. Al Sharpton. Your brother in struggle; SHAHEED

  8. Peace beloved family.
    I suppose Bro. Jamie Foxx in the piece under discussion was letting some of us know that in “white supremacist” USA he was reminded that as far as the “Slave Patrol” goes, it’s not about the clothes one’s in or the car one’s in but that it’s all about the SKIN ONE’S IN. (welcome to the” terror” dome.).
    Also, in reading some of the comments posted, I am reminded of a quote from one of my favorite authors, Neely Fuller jr. who wrote the text ” United Idenpendent Compensatory Code”. In it Mr. Fuller stated,”If you don’t understand “White Supremacy”, what it is and how it works, everything else that you understant will only confuse you”.
    Meet me in the whirlwind… Your brother in struggle: Shaheed


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