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December 29, 2014

Family Members Chase Down Stolen Hearse With Deαd Relative Inside

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Grieving for a family member is a difficult enough process, but that process was made even more difficult for one family after a criminal intervened. A South Los Angelas family had no choice but to chase down a thief after he stole the hearse that contained their deceased relative’s casket. The attempted theft occurred at around 11am on Saturday as the funeral director was preparing a service for 19-year-old Jonté…

Police Supporters Shout Down Family of Slain Black Man During Rally

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Tensions ran high on Sunday as family and supporters of a man fαtally shοt by a Texas police officer rallied at the police station. Twenty year old Carlton Wayne Smith was fαtally shοt by Texas City Police Officer Christopher Ham after the man was allegedly spotted by police firing a gun outside of H.T.’s lounge. During the rally, Quanell X began a press conference but supporters of police began exacerbating…

Ferguson Police Spokesman Suspended After Calling Michael Brown Memorial ‘Trash’

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Months ago, after Michael Brown was slain by Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson, residents of the community complained that police had ran over Brown’s memorial. There were additional incidents of disrespect as well, including the allegation that cops allowed dogs to urinate on the memorial. Now, in a similar incident, a spokesman for Ferguson police has been placed on unpaid leave after calling the makeshift memorial a “pile of trash in…

Is Lamar Odom Hiding To Avoid His Divorce From Khloe Kardashian?

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By Tamala Perkins A year has passed since Khloe Kardashian filed for a divorce so that her and her husband Lamar Odom could go their separate ways. The problem she is now facing is that she can’t find her husband so that they can finalize the divorce. The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is reported to have made multiple attempts to get in touch with her husband but…