“I Wanted to Arrest Bill Cosby”, Says Penn. District Attorney

As Bill Cosby struggles to deal with allegations of sεxual assαult being leveled against him, bill cosby 2some Cosby supporters are asking why the comedian was never arrested for any of the assaults he allegedly committed.

Now a Pennsylvania District Attorney has come forward, claiming that he wanted to arrest Bill Cosby based on an allegation made in 2004.

MailOnline reports that Bruce Castor was District Attorney for Montgomery County when Andrea Constand accused the comedian of rαpe in 2004.

Constand, now 77, alleged that Cosby had drugged and assαulted her while acting as her mentor. In 2005, she filed charges against the comedian.

Castor is now a Montgomery County commissioner but recalls wanting to prosecute Cosby at the time of the alleged assaυlt.

“I wanted to arrest Bill Cosby because I thought he was probably guilty, but being able to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt and thinking he’s probably guilty are two different things,” he explained.

“We knew back then that other woman had come forward, but even if they did it didn’t mean anything for our case as none of those cases resulted in charges and were remote in time,” he concluded, adding that the alleged victim didn’t help her case by waiting so long to come forward.”The lady who was allegedly attαcked waited a year before she reported it. As a result of that delay, any possible corroborating physical evidence was unavailable to us.”

He added: “We couldn’t test for hairs, fibers, DNA and drugs in her system that might match those at Mr Cosby’s house. We didn’t have any corroborative evidence.”

Constand, a former Temple University basketball coach, settled with Cosby out of court in 2006.

After the allegations re-emerged against Cosby, many observers have been waiting to see if he will address the allegations. Earlier this week, Cosby’s attorney released a statement confirming that Cosby will not comment on the “old and discredited” allegations.

What do you think? Should Cosby make a statement?






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  1. No. Let the evidence speak for him.

  2. smoki’n gun

  3. where’s there’s smoke there’s fire-if your innocent why settle with numerous women why not fight them to clear your name-did you not think this wouldn’t be brought up in later days? cosby’s been known to brag about drugging and taking advantage of women! c’mon, dr. huxtable, you wouldn’t be the first person to portray a “my shit don’t stink”narcissistic arrogance and take a nose dive!!

  4. Nobody cares about wrinkled old trash. She probably wanted to be with a black and got what she deserves

  5. She thought she would be the next mrs. Cosby At the age of 17 why was she following this grown MAN around, Not that i love Bill Cosby,

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  7. If the assault on Ms Dickerson took place in 2004 and a out of court settlement was accepted. That means something happened, the two parties agreed, she cashed the check. ITS OVER!!! Ask Kobe Bryant

  8. There are a lot of young girls out there who want to be with a stare . Just like Monica Louwinsky. They make themselves available, They give their tails so that they can say "I laid with this star" It may be true or not. So many keep this secret who did not know about the other? Something is wrong. Little children don't tell for what ever reason. What kept these women quite? I'm not saying that he is guilty or innocent. This woman who was on drugs and now having tears in her eyes is questionable. When a woman is on drugs, it is easy to get her tail, man or woman. So did she tell on all the other men who had her during her drug years? A lot of times it is all about money.

  9. You know how hard it is to defend the truth. People would rather believe a lie. If I was in his position, I might not say anything either. Most men in his position would take advantage of what young woman has to offer. If you remember, there was a young girl who tried to get next to President Obama pants, His wife was right on point. Other wise, he would be another Bill Clinton.

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