Salon.com writer says Chris Rock has a “poisonous legacy”

This was written by Mychal Denzel Smith at Salon.com:

In 1996, Chris Rock told a joke. Granted, he told a number of jokes, because he’s a comedian and that’s literally his job. But he only told one joke that would come to serve as the basis of analysis for a generation of would-be sociologists and pseudo-black-intellectuals everywhere.

“I love black people, but I hate n–gers.”

The joke here being that there is a subset of black people that are gleefully uneducated, take pride in their criminal activities, and serve as the clumsy sidekick in black America’s plan for liberation. If it weren’t for them, the n–gers, we’d all be free.

“I hide my money in books. Why? Because n–gers don’t read.”

The n–gers aren’t just unworthy of basic levels of respect, they deserve open contempt and ridicule. Because, well, just look at them!

On the strength of this joke, the centerpiece of his HBO special “Bring the Pain,” Chris Rock became a household name, and the “black people vs. n–gers” debate became as divisive as Malcolm vs. Martin.

Of course, the substance of what Rock said wasn’t new. It hewed to the same line of respectability politics that had been a part of black political life since the days of Reconstruction. Even W.E.B. Du Bois, perhaps the most important sociologist in all of American history, posited a theory for black liberation that rested on the idea that 90 percent of black people ain’t shit and could only be saved by the “talented tenth.” He later abandoned that idea, but it got stuck in our collective imagination nonetheless. Rock’s language was different, and jarring, offering a legitimacy to the use of a racist slur to describe a class of people, but even that wasn’t new. After leaving the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X reportedly said, “We had the best organization the black man has ever had. N–gers ruined it.” Malcolm’s context was different, but the rhetoric is still in line with the idea that it’s the bad black people who ruin things for the good black people.

And every now and then some black public figure will reignite this debate by repeating these tired tropes that traffic in racist assumptions of black life and culture. Enter Charles Barkley.

READ MORE via Chris Rock’s poisonous legacy: How to get rich and exalted chastising “bad blacks” – Salon.com.




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  1. Chris Rock speaks the truth…but you like most negros would rather be on the side of political correctness. The Black people vs niggers is nothing new to the Black community…why just attack Rock all these years later??? You sound like an attention whore.



  3. Stupid article. Every black person for the most part love their black people, but nobody likes a nigg€r. When you have them doing wrong to you and others, you differentiate, even if you are politically correct.

  4. All cultures have trash

  5. Valarie C. Clark, well said sister. Took the words right out of my mouth. No need for me to rant. Thank you and be blessed.

  6. I LOVE CHRIS ROCK ,he put's it all in perspective of actual reality ,no false hood to his message's ,if you study Black history you find that their have always been what Mr.Rock refers to a niggers or niggas working against Black people to help White Supremacy stay in control consider the US organization and how they were used against The Black Panther Party,How negro informants wor ked against Marcus Garvery,how their were niggers who were even involved with the death of Dr.King (read orders to Kill by William Peppers),how the nation of islam was used against Malcolm with infornant niggers, ansd so on..this hsistory can not be denied.I just know that all niggers are not poor and uneducated sometime they have education and career's like Justice Clarence ThSteele,Adam West,Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell and many other they operate from both side's of the fence with the same agenda to destroy Black people by any means necessary..RIght on Chris Rock..I still have to fight Niggers daily…

  7. The truth hurts, I always say. I love my brown complexion.

  8. Brother Chris Rock should be respected for speaking the real Truth and said it best that Knee to Grows in this country will always try to ruin everything Blacks are trying to overcome and to avoid Instead of saying that Bro Chris Rock have a poisonous legacy that he has a Truthful legacy and a funny one at that he should be getting Oscars or Emmys for all his performances if not already that writer should go jump in the river somewhere sounds like a real ignorant nigger or a real ignorant krakker himself or herself just jealous of the real Truth that comes out of Bro.Chris Rock's mouth and statements. Keep telling that Truth Brother Chris Rock we all love you my Brother

  9. Give Me a break with the BS! This article is nothing more than backfire from a comment Chris Rock made about The Ferguson Verdict in which he told nothing but the truth !

  10. James, find something else irrelevant to write about. Thanx in advance!!!

  11. Chris Rock like many blacks who have ambition to achieve; have figured out way to satisfy white America. And, this meal ticket is "Insulting Black" not ni***gs; because in the subconscious mind of the racist white who trying to control America they don't see a difference. And, just like the house ni***gs of yesterday who got rewarded, the same is happening today. But, one thing about Chris Rock and some others; they use the social degradation to employ and feed other blacks. That word "Ni**ger" may have been intended for blacks; but it's the complete description of the creator of it, and some blacks certainly do act like them. Evil @ss hell!

  12. Did he lie? I LOVE Black people, those who work hard, try to live decently, often with less, who send their kids to school, and teach them the value of hard work, and being a good person. But I HATE those n——s with a passion, and they are the bane of the decent Black person's existence. They aren't just the ignorant and uneducated, but the bourgeois and the sellout, who would do anything to keep another brother or sister from making it. Crab in barrel types, smh. I love Chris Rock, a REAL brother right there!

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