Man Robbed Subway Sandwich Shop Because Diet Didn’t Work For Him

Everyone surely remembers Subway sandwich spokesperson Jared, who claimed to have lost Subwaya massive amount of weight while eating only Subway sandwiches.

Apparently, one Alabama man learned the hard way that the Jared diet doesn’t work for everyone, prompting him to act out viοlently.

Zachary Torrance, 18, is accused of robbing a Subway after going on the diet and not losing the weight he’d anticipated. Jared lost over 200 lbs by eating Subway and encouraged others to do the same and join the Subway challenge.

Torrance was arrested at a local Wal-Mart after someone recognized him from surveillance video.

“He told the detective that he had been on the ‘Subway Diet’ and it had not worked for him and he felt like he wanted his money back,” said Hueytown Police Chief Chuck Hagler, according to NBC News.

“The detective felt like he was being serious,” Hagler explained.

Torrance allegedly robbed a Hueytown Subway on Wednesday and is suspected of robbing other Subway restaurants.

Jared’s story was not only a weight loss story, but as Dan Heath explained in Fast Company a few years back, Jared’s story was also about branding. It was about sharing a story on overcoming adversity.

“It’s surprising—this guy lost a lot of weight by eating fast food every day. That won’t work for Big Macs. There are also great concrete images associated with Jared. Remember that photo of Jared holding up those gigantic pants that he used to fit into? Perhaps most importantly, Jared gives us emotion. Here’s a guy who was debilitated by his weight—he had a 60” waist, and his own father, a doctor, warned him that he might not live to 35. And so he fought it—and slowly overcame his problem with a lot of willpower and diligence and a little help from Subway,” explained Heath.