Black Woman Routinely Mistaken for Prοstitute Because She’s Married to a White Man

Jamilah Lemieux at Ebony magazine recently asked women to “RT if you are a Black woman (trans or cis) and have been assumed to be a sεx worker by a White man.”  The reaction was jaw-dropping, with women tweeting their experience of having been mistaken for a sεx worker in a variety of different settings.

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

One woman tweeted that she was wearing glasses and carrying a briefcase when she was assumed to be a sεx worker, while another woman said she was accosted by a white man who would “stalk” her and demand her prices when she was working on K Street in Washington D.C.

This prompted Maureen Evans Arthurs to share her story of being mistaken for a prostιtute while out with her white husband.

“The first time I was mistaken for a sεx worker I was on my husband’s arm at a corporate event in California four years ago. A man approached me, asking if he could buy me a drink. I declined, and he proceeded to whisper to me, ‘How much?’” writes Arthurs.

Arthurs, stunned, says she asked “How much for what”, then took one look at the scoundrel and knew exactly what he was asking. She quickly flashed a wedding ring and walked away, but left feeling humiliated. To make matters worse, Arthurs says the assumption that she’s a prostιtute haven’t stopped, even though she and her husband have been together over ten years.

“Just last month, at another event, several male acquaintances propositioned me. Comments ranged anywhere from, ‘You’re  on the wrong arm, sweetie, I wish  I could go home with you…’ to the incredibly forward, ‘We have this whole place to ourselves, it’ll be a shame if we don’t maximize our time here and slip away?’ all said within 10 to 15 feet of my husband.”

Have you had a similar experience of being mistaken for a sεx worker? Is this out of the ordinary or more common than we’d like to believe?


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  1. Her husband is a weak man, because if he would have propositioned my wife, I would have had to punch his lights out. No man regardless of color will ever think it is okay to disrespect my wife, without me putting a foot in his ass.
    As for the woman on K street, that is one of the most notorious hoe strolls in the country, there are some many whitemen buying sex on that street, that prostitution is only a $25 fine in D.C., so not to envoke any type of scandal.

  2. Stick with your own race and you wouldn't have that problem!

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  4. Perhaps it is your appearance that prompts white men to think your a prostitute and black men to approach you with disrespect. Dated white men from for over 30 yrs and never experienced your situation even with much younger man. Cant be everyone else, must be you.

  5. Nastasha people can date and marry who they want. If you ate not 100% african ur a mongrel luke the rest of us. WE HAVE LABELS "COLORED, AFRO AMERICAN, ETC." YOU HAVE WHITE BLOOD IN YOU. BETTER LOVE WHO LOVES YOU!

  6. Welp! This is the chance you take when you CHOOSE to marry interracially in America. Deal with it!

  7. Too true, it is because of our history with slavery, we like to think we are past it but we are not. The african women were the most expensive and only the elite could buy them. The mentality has never really left. The majority of these men that approach black women in this way have white wives

  8. Wow. Some harsh comments. Those men should be ashamed. You can be with the person you love regardless of race.

  9. The reason he though she was a sex worker was because of a mind set of most people think and are thought to view the black woman in a negative way because of some women of other races hearing the run down of black women from other blacks, whites etc and the media how they see us as desperate and loud! I don't agree with this iam stating a fact!!!

  10. This is actually very common. Many white men view black women as promiscuous. It dates back to the slave plantation. It is reinforced by shows like Scandal where you have an intelligent, beautiful and extremely well dressed black woman jumping in and out of bed with white men.

  11. The reason these women continue to have this problem is because they don't handle it very well. One said that an "acquaintance" committed this reprehensible offense. The fact that it continued to happen after the FIRST time is an indication to me that she DIDN'T "handle her business." WHERE does it say that because we are Black women we have to "quietly" accept this kind of disrespect? IF a white woman was approached like that, I suspect that EVERYBODY IN THE ROOM would know about it. I certainly would have said LOUD ENOUGH for everyone in the room to hear, "You are mistaken, sir. I am NOT a lady of the night and I am shocked, appalled, dismayed and incensed by your lack of sophistication and the apparently racist assumptions YOU have made by assuming that I am. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!" I think THAT would solve the problem.

  12. Basically shows you what most white men think of black women she should be able to marry whatever race she wants good luck sister… Don't let other people views, bias or ignorance get you down, especially those people who look like you

  13. Its that type of narrowmindedness that continues to cripple the human race. Racsism is ignorance

  14. Mixed race is the best race in my eyes! I'm multi raced my daughter has 4 different types of bloodlines, my family is black, white, mixed, Pakistani, Iranian, African, Jamaican, Italian to name a few. And it's fabulous – just imagine our dinner menu!

  15. There weren't any damned mistakes. These were the remarks of ignorant, cruel, virulent racist sons of bitches.

  16. I got NO sympathy for these black women marrying their white daddies. Do these so called black women think they are no longer black because they're walking arm in arm with a white man. The fact this continues to happen to black women, shows that not even their husbands value them. Don't complain! Accept all the hate that comes with stepping outside of your race. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!

  17. Act like a BED WENCH, get treated like one. Self hating ass women. "You should be able to marry who you want…." SHUT YOUR COWN ASS UP…….

  18. My problem is not based on the color of your husbands skin but on the fact that he stands by while men approach you like a hooker. I'm not saying that you shouldn't feel dismayed at the men art fault, but you should also feel betrayed by your husband. He clearly doesn't care how people treat HIS WIFE!

  19. So no one realized they are talking about Transexuals. (Trans or Cis)

  20. Love has no color…problems arise because ppl think within hatred.. For the core reason being jealousies and envy

  21. These bitches need to get off their high horse. It's a mistake! GTF over it. What do they think it is that makes them so much better than a prostitute anyway?

  22. Thank you Nathaniel Wilson!

  23. You can tell a dumbass incapable of critical thinking… They're all the ones that made racial comments and that makes you no better than those white men they're talking about in the article. The real problem is how were these women dressed? (I'm sure some have a just reason to feel offended) most of these women dress like they're playing the role . As black people we know we are unjustly stereotyped so don't bitch and complain if you have you ass and breast showing (especially if you're married) and men PICK YOUR PANTS UP

  24. As opposed to the way black men make black women baby mamas but not wives?

  25. Welp when a black man gets shot by the police for being black, you will just say DEAL WITH IT then right? Or will you have more sympathy for black men?

  26. You sound like a stupid uneducated women!

  27. Sounds like you're having trouble finding a black women that will be with you lol. Doesn't matter the race homie, marry who you love not what society expects you to.

  28. First of all have she even told her husband this happening to her! And second what type of man would let men speak to his wife this way after finding out?

  29. The attitude reflected here in your post is exactly why black women date white men. SOME black men are still blaming rhe white man for their current situation and that defeatist attitude is what keeps some from being able to rise above. Im engaged to a white man. And we have heard every negative hate comment from black men that cany be posted here. We grab each othet closer and show off our love. Keep hating. We love it

  30. Yea if you had a strong black man they wouldn't look to hard at you let alone all that foolishness. White women have told my wife how beautiful she is but never men!

  31. Well since you asked…I will ALWAYS have sympathy for black men who have to suffer from the injustices of a racist policed force…..NOW WHAT? Any black woman who CHOOSES to marry interracially should know the consequences of that choice BEFORE HAND! #DealWithIt

  32. I guess she is a attractive woman. That would make any man of any race, act stupid.

  33. Maybe if all the black men weren't chasing white women with suede black woman features (fake asses) we would be with black men!!! The unfortunate reality is that black women are devalued by both black and white men!!

  34. Why didn't your husband defend your honor. If a comment like that or if I were even approached to be whispered to, my dude would've had a conversation with the guy that was making the play. Then outcome of that conversation would then depend on his response!!!!

  35. Cavett Hill , you REALLY need to check yourself. YOU DON'T speak for ALL Black women. White men ARE responsible for the current situation of the Black male. There is a very interesting documentary called the "Schools to Prison Pipeline" you might want to check out. ALL of these negative comments about and TO each other because of something THEY did TO Black women? Do you see how WE turn on each other because of something THEY did? What is wrong with this picture? I have nothing against interracial relationships based upon LOVE and NOT preferential mating outside of one's race. THAT is SELF-HATRED, NOT LOVE, and the people engaged in it need a REALITY CHECK because THEY are the ones with the problem, they just don't know it. We need to stop all this bickering amongst ourselves and start seeing what's good in each other. I am happy for you that you found true love, no matter what color he is. I wonder if these brothers also have a problem with all those brothers with the white wives. I once went on a date with an Italian guy and I was given the evil eye by the brothers in the club, but they didn't have a problem with guys in the club with white women.

  36. @Rosemary Smith, i never claimed to speak for ALL of anyone. You are entitled to feel however you feel as am I. Personally, i could care less who is dating /married to who. I am giving my opinion of how I feel about the subject and what I have encountered. You havent walked a day in my shoes so you are in no way an authority on my situation. I never claimed to apeak on behalf of black women . I spoke for me. You posted about how we go after each other. And than you tutn around and tell me to check myself. A little hypocritical dont you think?

  37. It does not begin or stop there, it's the attitude of the offender, which keep reoccurring! But I agree, being appalled and loud does help in the presence of those who control the judgement of the offenders.

  38. I admire the fact you are doing your best, even in hiding you male companion, acceptance is everything and you seem to miss that ride so hold back on you judgements, let other be themselves and at least strive as you are doing!

  39. simply ignorant! you can do better perhaps living you live with bless you with intellect and knowledge of social and ethical boundaries.

  40. For that one man it may have solved the problem, but for others that were not there it will not. It basically doesn't have anything to do with the woman but everything to do with the lack of respect from members of our society. Violence and acting like a thug is not the answer.

  41. This is the most ignorant statement I've seen in a LONG time.

  42. I love my kneegrow bedwenches

  43. Sharon Busey Yates, don't think I sounded anything like a thug. THAT is what I was talking about in my comments to another young lady. Here we are, attacking EACH OTHER over what THEY DID. I was very careful NOT to sound like a thug, AND YOU KNOW IT. Obviously, you don't understand the intent of my statement. If we allow people to disrespect us, they will. These ladies need to make it known that just because a Black woman is on the arm of a white man, don't assume she is being paid for her services. In some situations, these men just assumed that these ladies were willing to run in the next room for a quickie! Let me tell you, I worked around white people MY ENTIRE LIFE and I have ALWAYS been approached by white men FOR DATES in a respectful manner, BUT, I have NEVER been approached in the manner that these ladies describe! AND, Ms. Yates, I didn't act like a "thug." I don't know who you are or where you come from, but YOU are no better than those white men if that's the best you can come up with. It sounds so adolescent.

  44. Rosemary Smith you post what very intellectually written. I find that it would cause one to rethink their position in approaching you in such a hideous manner … Peace In

  45. Veneus Warren That is the most ignorant thing I've read on this thread besides the one from Ms. Hill.

  46. 'Gee Renee your a stupid fat mammie.

  47. 'Gee Renee your a stupid fat mammie.

  48. So, what does her husband have to say about this?

  49. Probably the fact that they Dnt have sex with men for money. Just a wild guess tho.

    How would u feel if men constantly mistook you for being gay and offered u money for sex?

  50. Chanté Chanté Chanté If I looked down on gay people I would probably be upset. But I don't. If someone wants to make money selling their body that's their business.

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