Apollo Calls Phaedra Fat, Selfish, B*&$! In Letter

apollo phaedraThe latest blow between the imprisoned Apolla Nida and his estranged wife Phaedra Parks has been dealt.  Nida is currently serving an eight year sentence for bank and identity fraud, and it is no secret that he has been upset with Parks for not showing up to his sentencing hearing.  Parks has also refused to accept his calls from prison.

In the latest turn of events, Hollywood Life is reporting that Nida recently sent Parks a nasty letter from prison expressing his disdain for her.  The report claims that a source close to Phaedra says that the letter Nida sent contained a numbered list of insults, including calling her a “b&*$!, selfish, fat, conceited, and a wife that ain’t loyal.”  Nida also allegedly wrote that if it was not for the couples children, he would not care if he “saw her fat a@! ever again.”  Parks apparently decided to not finish reading the letter,  tore it up and threw it in the garbage.

Nida expressed his interest in wanting to file for divorce after Parks did not attend his sentencing hearing.  Despite this, Parks beat him to the punch and filed for divorce last month. Parks revealed that she waited until Nida was behind bars because she feared that with all of the things going wrong for him, being presented with divorce papers may have been the tipping point for things to get out of hand.

Parks has not publicly addressed the letter, but it is already clear that she has decided to move on with her life and focus her energy on raising her and Nida’s two sons, Ayden and Dylan.  Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates are torn over whether or not Parks is making the right move, with some supporting her decision to leave and others feeling like she should have been willing to stand by her man.