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November 26, 2014

Former Model B. Smith Found After Missing Overnight

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Pioneering former model and famed restaurateur Barbara Smith, known to many as B. Smith, has been found after being reported missing on Long Island.  Earlier this year, Smith revealed that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after suffering from symptoms of memory loss and confusion for years.  According to Fox News, she was reported missing by her husband and business partner Dan Gasby who reported that she had last been seen…

Man Says He Was Arrested for Calling Police Racists on Facebook

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Supposedly our right to free speech is guaranteed under the Constitution, but one man says making a derogatory comment about police on social media cost him his freedom. Thomas G. Smith says that in 2012, he responded to what he believed was a bigoted Facebook post by the Arena Police Department in Wisconsin by calling the police racists. Smith says the department’s Facebook page had thanked members of the community…

Man Facing Deαth Penalty Even Though Victim’s Family Suspects Cop Boyfriend

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Over the past few years there have been many cases of wrongfully convicted inmates being freed thanks to DNA evidence. It is rare, however, for a victim’s family to vouch for the innocence of the person convicted of kιlling their family member. Rodney Reed is set to be executed on January 14, 2015 for mυrdering 19 year old Stacey Stites, a woman he was reportedly romantically involved with. Stites’ body…

15 Year Old Sentenced to Prison for Beαting Teacher in Classroom

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A St. Louis teen will spend years behind bars for a beαting he inflicted upon his teacher that was caught on surveillance video. Kevin Straub, 15, was caught beαting the 42 year old Innovative Concept Academy teacher in May of 2013. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the grυesome attαck. The judge in the case acknowledged that Straub was not an adult, but said he committed a…