15 Year Old Sentenced to Prison for Beαting Teacher in Classroom

A St. Louis teen will spend years behind bars for a beαting he inflicted upon his teacher that was teachercaught on surveillance video.

Kevin Straub, 15, was caught beαting the 42 year old Innovative Concept Academy teacher in May of 2013. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the grυesome attαck.

The judge in the case acknowledged that Straub was not an adult, but said he committed a man’s crime when he assαulted his teacher.

“According to court documents, surveillance video shows Straub struck a teacher at Innovative Concept Academy multiple times in the face,” KMOV reported.

The beαting was so brυtal that the teacher suffered a stroke and his doctors still aren’t sure if he’ll lose his vision.

The mother in law of the teacher, who has not been identified, says he is a good man and father. He was supervising students on in school suspension at the time of the attαck.

“It absolutely was a brutal crime and it happened in a school which is so troubling about the whole thing,” said Prosecutor Jeffrey Ernst.

“Innovative Concept Academy is the only school in America overseen by a court system. It works to educate and rehabilitate delinquent teens,” PIX 11 reports. The school promises troubled teens “a real chance” at life.

“It was very hard on me,” said the victim’s mother. “He should be put away someplace where he won’t hurt anyone else.”

She says the injured man’s life has degenerated since the attαck and he’s no longer able to play basketball with his sons, FOX 2 News reports.







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  1. Now that serves his little behind right. If we could get them all off the street that continue to inflict violence what a better world it would be

  2. Perhaps laws will be passed now that will give all students that attack educators prison time.

  3. Ferguson…..What a tragedy!!!! This has an eerie feeling like it is 1992 in Los Angeles all over again. Black man vs. Police was the undertone then and now. I ask this question what did we accomplish with the riots in Los Angeles? Now I ask Ferguson…What will we accomplish by rioting today?

    The number of Blacks beaten by police officers did not go down after LA. Will the number of Blacks killed by police officers decrease after the smoke has settled in Ferguson?

    I look at New York and the Jewish community. They have their own Ambulances, their own police officers (Sanctioned or not), their own community and they police themselves. Not with officers making people kneel on the street corner with their hands behind their heads, but with the religion. Remember that word, "Religion"? It used to be the driving force in the black community, but now what drives us as a people? Clothing, Earrings, Rims, Rap Music, Shoes, Cell Phones, Bad Language, Twerking, What?

    We are losing our soul because we are chasing after the wrong things. We are losing our soul because many of our women would rather spend their time taking selfies of their butts and posting them on FB then spending their time raising their kids. We are losing our souls because many of our men would rather sit around the house playing video games and getting high then, "Being Men and contributing, not just the household but to society!" Ferguson was bound to happen, look at your history, every 10 to 20 years we riot. For what, their is always a cause, but very little is gained. Our businesses which we don't support will be burned to the ground in our own neighborhoods. Many of the law abiding citizens in the affected neighborhood will look to leave, only for another minority group to move in, turn the community around, then charge us double or triple to move back.

    People of Ferguson, "What is the agenda"!!!!!! What do we want!!!!! What will we gain by destroying our neighborhood? Look at other parts of the world that have rioted, there was a very clear agenda to oust the existing regime. Do we want Obama ousted? He had an opportunity to use his Bully Pulpit and begin focusing on poverty in this great land, which is what rioting in Ferguson is really about, but he did not. Who is to blame for what happened to Mr. Brown?

    That is years of the black community doing nothing about police brutality and now Mr. Brown is the, "Straw That Broke The Camels Back!" But what about the other senseless killings that take place in our communities. What about the Crips and the Bloods? They kill more innocent youth, they destroy more homes and break apart more families than every white police officer combined in the country. But no riots to stop gang violence, why?

    I will leave you with…..My beautiful black sons mean the world to me. And I could not imagine what Mr. Browns parents must be going through. But our mindset starts in the home and is perpetuated in the streets. I feel accountable for every act, right or wrong, my sons commit. I feel responsible for every word that comes from their mouths. I feel responsible for the way they look when the walk out the door. I feel responsible for every fight they have and even more responsible for the ones they don't. But we must take to the streets to educate our kids. We must take to the streets to feed the millions of kids that will not eat tonight, in our country alone. We must take to the streets to prevent the deaths that will occur tonight at the hands of Crips and Bloods. We must take to the streets to prevent the future deaths of the Michael Browns from occurring without destroying the things that are actually keeping them off the streets. I know I said a lot, and I probably rambled a lot as well but I heard Malcolm X say, "By Any Means Necessary!"

    But he had a very clear agenda of what he was expecting to accomplish and was going to accomplish it "By Any Means Necessary!" Again I ask, What are we hoping to gain in Ferguson? What will we learn from Ferguson? What will we learn from: King, Brown, Martin, Till, or Martin Luther King, or Malcolm X?

    I learned to spend time teaching my sons what I expect of them and what they must expect from themselves. And Malcolm taught me to love myself enough that I exude confidence and show respect to all that approach. His death taught me that doing the right thing at the wrong time is just like doing the wrong thing at the right time. They both will be frowned upon. I don't know if Ferguson is the right time or not, but I do know it is not the right thing.

  4. Teachers please study a martial art. I don’t care if you think you are bigger and stronger than the youth. The wrong one can maim or kill you with their bare hands.

  5. This has to be the best post I read all year. Very well said Rene Jones. Do you have a blog or anything because I would follow you.

  6. You all are cold people to send a 15 year old child to adult Prison for 10 years!!! Why not give him some therapy or mental help. He is still a clild.

  7. Who will give therapy to the gentleman who was beat down by him/? He coud have killed that poor gentleman. Understand he would have done the same to you or someone you love. He would have done the same to me or someone I love. He has no respect or regard for human beings, he lacks compassion and he has no soul. He is a danger to others and needs to be off the street.

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