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November 13, 2014

Apollo Calls Phaedra Fat, Selfish, B*&$! In Letter

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The latest blow between the imprisoned Apolla Nida and his estranged wife Phaedra Parks has been dealt.  Nida is currently serving an eight year sentence for bank and identity fraud, and it is no secret that he has been upset with Parks for not showing up to his sentencing hearing.  Parks has also refused to accept his calls from prison. In the latest turn of events, Hollywood Life is reporting…

Woman Fαtally Stαbs Ex-Boyfriend for Putting Curse on Her

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A Florida woman who believed her ex-boyfriend had put a curse on her retaliated by fαtally stαbbing the man, say police. Amanda Lopez, 26, told police that she’d considering kιlling Larry Lee Fryar for some time because he’d “done something to her” and she needed to end his life in order to break free. Lopez said “she needed to be free from the demons.” According to a court affidavit, Lopez…

Here Are the U.S. Cities That Made the World’s 50 Most Viοlent List

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When we think of the most viοlent cities in the world, the minds of many Americans normally fixate on impoverished Third World areas. However, as new data indicates, some of the most violent places in the world are right here in America. Latin America has more cities on the list than any other country, with San Pedro Sula, Honduras taking the dubious number one spot as the mυrder capital of…

Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee: Family Always Came Before Career

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Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee were an iconic power couple who both worked as activists and actors.  Dee was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1923 and began her acting career with her Broadway debut in 1946.  Davis was born in Cogdell, Georgia in 1917, and after serving in World War II, he also began his acting career on Broadway.  The couple married in 1948 and spent much of their lives…