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November 4, 2014

Protectors of Confederate Flag to Black Protesters: “Go Back to Africa”

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Those who want the Confederate flag to continue flying outside a Virginia museum rumbled with protesters of the traitorous who are vying to have it moved indoors. As WSET reported, an announcement by officials that state law is with supporters of the flag resulted in a clash between civil rights activists and Confederacy sympathizers. “Then you need to go back to Africa!” responded Ed Clark, second lieutenant commander of the…

Baltimore’s Black Mayor Resists Police Body Camera Bill

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You’d think that police departments all across the U.S. would be in favor of body cameras since they protect officers from false accusations. But in some cities, politicians and law enforcement officers are resisting the call to have officers wear body cameras. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has announced her plans to veto body camera legislation even though she supports them in theory. Rawlings-Blake insists that a study she commissioned with…

Over 90% Of Employees Are Having Their Wages Stolen

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April V. Taylor Some may wonder how America can be the richest country in the world but still have so many of its citizens be classified as the working poor; the answer is simple: wage theft.  Nearly every person who falls at the bottom 95 percent of income distribution in the United States is having some portion of their wages stolen.  In some cases, such as that of undocumented immigrant…