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November 3, 2014

Ben Stein Says Obama’s the “Most Racist President There Has Ever Been”

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Appearing on FOX News Channel on Sunday, conservative pundit and actor Ben Stein blasted President Obama as not only a racist, but the most racist president America has ever seen. Stein began by taking Obama and Democrats to task for refusing to implement even more budget cuts than the ones they’d allowed during negotiations with Republicans.   “The [budget] cuts have been absolutely minuscule, absolutely tiny unbelievably small,” Stein said….

FAA Abused No-Fly Zone To Stifle Media In Ferguson

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Recorded conversations obtained by the Associated Press through the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that the no-fly zone implemented in Ferguson, Missouri during protests that followed the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown were put in place with the sole purpose of keeping news helicopters from covering events. The no-fly zone was implemented for twelve days in August after police began a militarized response to demonstrators. Sgt. Brian Schellman,…

Florida Candidate Caught Passing Off Fake Letter From Obama

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Some political candidates will go to any lengths to get elected, as evidenced by the failed campaign trick of one Florida candidate. Derrick Wallace is a candidate for county commission who apparently thought he’d increase his voter base by getting support from President Barack Obama. The only problem, however, is that Wallace didn’t actually get support from the president, but either Wallace or his staff is accused of attempting to…

Former FBI Agent Paid To Spy On Black Students

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April V. Taylor Former FBI agent Chris McRae was paid $157,000 to spy on Black students who attended Huntsville City Schools (HCS) in Alabama.  He was hired last year to oversee what are being referred to as security improvements that were set in motion by superintendent Casey Wardynski.  Wardynski began the security improvements after school officials were allegedly contacted by the National Security Agency about a supposed threat on a…