Two men hold a one-year old baby at gunpoint to steal his shoes

There are some stories that make you wonder what the world is coming to. This is definitely one of them.  A one year old baby was held at gunpoint in East Flatbush, Brooklyn this week.  The two men that were robbing the baby wanted to get his shoes, and they were successful in obtaining them.

According to police, the men walked into someone’s apartment against their will and threatened to take the baby away.  But this was part of a broader effort to rob several people during the same day, with the baby being just one of many victims.

In exchange for the brutal assailants choosing not to kidnap the child, the resident was forced to give away the baby’s shoes.   To make matters even worse, one of the men tossed the baby onto the ground after taking the child’s shoes away from him.

The two men have been described as black males between the ages of 20 and 25.  They are accused of stealing 18 pairs of shoes, two iPhones and other valuables with a total price tag of $6,000.

The two men are still at-large, but police are on the lookout.  The case has received a great deal of publicity and also, surveillance cameras were watching the entire time.  So, it appears that the robbing spree is going to be short-lived, and these men are going to be in prison where they belong.