Protesters In St. Louis Shutting Down Hollywood Casino After Shutting Down 3 WalMarts

by / October 14, 2014 News 5 Comments

April V. Taylor

Protesters are continuing their #MoralMonday protests and preparing to shutdown Hollywood Casino.  To watch live video from multiple protest sites, click the link below:



To follow events live on the ground in St. Louis and Ferguson this, follow me on Twitter.


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  1. What is the reason for the protest? Is the protest to bring change by getting people to vote.
    Are they attempting to remove people from office ? Trying to remove the chief and the bad
    elements in the police department and parties in control that are no help to their community?

  2. & that's where it really hurts. Now shut down the Pentagon for arming #WhitePoliceAmerica, The color ain't incidental

  3. Maybe voting is not the only option. See if this works.

  4. Pretty one sided diatribe. So, what’s the Islamic connection to the violence?

  5. Hilariously, this protest was shut down in under 10 minutes. Nice try, people, nice try.

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