Independent Autopsy of Slain St. Louis Teen Non Consistent With Officer’s Account

Autopsy performed on VonDerrit Myers Jr is different from police account www.blacklikemoi.comReported by Nigel Boys

The story claiming that Vonderrit Myers was shot during a gun battle with a St. Louis police officer which was distributed by the Missouri Police Department, doesn’t hold up in light of an autopsy performed at the request of his family, according to attorney, Jerry Christmas.

According to Dr. Cyril Wecht, who performed the autopsy on the 18-year-old who lost his life, it looks like Myers was first shot in the back of both legs, which would suggest that he had been running away from the off-duty police officer who shot him. He adds that a subsequent shot to the left leg, shattered his femur, but the killing shot was to the side of his face.

Myer’s autopsy results were revealed during a news conference at the funeral home handling his burial and are the result of the findings of the independent forensic pathologist who has also investigated the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley.

Although Myer’s family insists that he didn’t fire at the unnamed police officer before he returned fire, Missouri State Highway Patrol lab tests prove otherwise, according to police union leaders. The results allegedly show that gunshot residue was found on Myer’s hand, his waistband, and shirt.

According to Brian Millikan, the shooting officer’s attorney, the independent autopsy result confirms that police accounts of the shooting were correct. He added that Myers was still pointing his gun at the officer when he was shot in the back of the legs.

Millikan went on to say “It’s absolutely consistent with what the officer told the investigators from early on. He continued, “There were no shots fired when Myers was running away. That’s simply not true.”

However, Myers’ family and their attorney’s are claiming that the independent autopsy report reveals that he was trying to get away from the police officer when he was shot and not firing upon him.

A subpoena was served on Wecht at the news conference by police investigators to turn over his findings to be reviewed by a grand jury. They will examine the actions of the off duty police officer who has since been placed on administrative leave.

According to Police Chief Sam Dotson, the officer concerned was patrolling as a private security guard at the time of the shooting on October 8. He added that he was wearing his police uniform and used a department-issued gun when bringing Myers down.



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  1. He flat out lied

  2. Yep, he did and those are the facts, and so for an cop, is to not let the person get away period, it’s about a capture by any means necessary even if the cop has to shot to kill to stop a person from getting away..and as my grand father always stated, “a dead person can’t talk”..
    ..and I never knew what he meant when said this, however I do know. .

  3. if this guy was patrolling as a private security officer, why was he wearing his police issue uniform and carrying a police issued weapon? shouldn't those things have been provided by the security company he was working for?

  4. I extend my condolences to the family and commend them in not just letting this go without further independent investigation. Too many times grief and deflection are used to push the truth and details from the spotlight. Let the truth come forth and chips fall where they should. I totally agree that if he was off duty and working independently for a security firm, why perform duties inconsistent with that job. As a security officer he should have phoned into his superiors r police department for input. Instead it seems he took the law in his hands and if the autopsy report findings are accurate he had already maimed the person to the point he was no longer a threat. Imagine two shots and one hitting femur, his life blood was flowing fast at that point.

  5. Police are worse than "any" group of Organized crime family…they cover-up and sick together and have their code of silence and their dirty tricks and standard lies they use to get away with murder..trust me…there was a time when black people believed in the police and felt you had to be wrong or doing something ,but that is a lie and always was..from the days of slavery it has been ..skin color..and any black person who doesn't believe it is a blind fool..ignorant black people unfamiliar with racism..the way they are treated by whites will think its something wrong with them and how they act, and look to they change their ..eyes,nose,hair,skin,speech to look,act,sound..Just like whites In the hopes that whites will treat them better ,like them better..you know the rest of the story

  6. Lie…lie…lie..lie..LIE!!!

  7. Why was he chasing the kid anyway, from what I have read all the kid was doing was running. What crime did he observe the kid committing that he would chase after him. So that means that black males can not jaywalk, run or do much of anything in public huh?

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