GOP Ad Features Dem. Candidate Paired With Tattoo Faced Black Man

A new ad paid for by the the National Republican Campaign Committee is already being nikkojenkinscalled the Willie Horton ad of this election cycle.

The ad appeared on Friday in a Nebraska race for the 2nd Congressional U.S. House seat.

In the ad, Brad Ashford, Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican Lee Terry, is accused of supporting a law that let a convicted felon out after serving only half his prison sentence.

The ad features convicted felon Nikko Jenkins, who has tattoos all over his face, as an example of how a law Ashford supported puts the community at risk.

“Four mυrders in 11 days. The judge decides Nikko Jenkins is responsible for all of them,” says the narrator of the ad, according to the Washington Post.

Ashford supported the “Good Time” law which reduces an inmate’s prison sentence in exchange for good behavior while incarcerated.

Jenkins was released early after being sentenced for robbery and assαult, only to be caught and rearrested a short time later on first degree mυrder charges.

“The head of the Omaha police union says Nikko Jenkins is the posterchild for why the ‘good time’ law is a farce,” says the narrator. “Brad Ashford supported the ‘good time’ law and still supports it, allowing criminals like Nikko Jenkins to be released early.”

Democrats were quick to respond to the ad with accusations of race baiting.

“Republicans should be ashamed that they have resorted to divisive rhetoric, playing up racial stereotypes and fear-mongering to save their sinking candidate,” said DCCC Deputy National Press Secretary Ashley Lewis.

As the Post notes, sentencing laws are a theme of this campaign:

The state GOP and Terry have repeatedly accused Ashford of neglecting sentencing laws as chairman of the judiciary committee in the state legislature, at times indirectly referring to the Jenkins case. The NRCC’s new ad, airing just two and a half weeks before the election, attempts to directly link Ashford’s work in the state legislature to Jenkins’s crimes.





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  1. This is the mind-set of MOST elected officials!!

  2. Yes if they are racist.

  3. Here in “Mitch” country (KY), White folks kill their grandmothers with hammers, their wives, children and anyone else that gets in their way of obtaining their drugs and they get out in 3-5 years, what is the difference?? All laws should be across the board regardless as to weather you are Black or White!! Rednecks are very good at playing the “race” card. Every time an ad comes on TV with Mitch, Barr or any Republican candidate here in KY, it is all about Obama instead of about what they have done. Since most rednecks in this state are uneducated they are too dumb to know any better.

    • You’re right but white right wing republicans don’t just play a single race card they play the whole deck.

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